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How are Prints set to Dominate Men’s Winter Fashions?

Carrying Prints Well

Prints have been a huge part of men’s style throughout the whole of 2012, so there should be nothing in stores in preparation for Autumn/Winter that is set to shock fashion conscious men and force them into a year-end style retreat.

While prints started the year as a common staple on button down shirts and perhaps certain styles of knitwear, they have moved massively to become a huge part of any and every garment that you may have in your wardrobe.

We broke down the men’s wardrobe for Autumn/Winter 2012 and took a look at some excellent and inspirational prints that you simply have to have in there.

mens winter fashions


We’re going to start with the accessories as they are so often the piece of men’s style that gets left until the end or even forgotten about altogether. Baseball caps have found their way back into fashion in 2012, and for the winter you need to lose your Yankees or Red Sox version and get yourself into a wild print design.

In preparation for the nasty winter weather, buy yourself a stylish umbrella too – even these are available in stunning tribal prints for the practical yet unusual style statement!

Safe Patterns

If you are lacking a little confidence in your style then you might try to shy away from patterns altogether. However, if you find you simply need to have some sort of irreverence in your fashion life, then go for a t-shirt or shirt that matches well with your denims or trousers.

The designs available range from the traditional features such as floral or paisley patterns, although for real attitude and an edgy look you may wish to buy yourself a graphic t-shirt.

Avoid patterned jackets at all costs, unless it is a blazer and the pattern is subtle. Thick knitwear worn as a top layer is more than acceptable for sporting a pattern, however.

Downstairs Designs

If you are of the more flamboyant nature then you might find yourself wanting to wear a pair of patterned trousers. This is definitely a look for those with a lot of confidence in their style, but you do not need to go looking like a golfer in order to look great in patterned trousers.

Go for simple checks and other similar patterns – they sound boring but when placed on a trouser and the entire outfit put together they will look brilliant. If you go for the patterned trousers, however, it is important to make sure that everything else is plain and understates the pants.

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