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Easily Bring an Outfit from Day to Night

When you work in an office, you have to dress professionally. But when you’re invited out after the day is done for Happy Hour, you want to look cute, not like you were sitting under fluorescent lights all day. It’s impractical to carry a whole new outfit with you every day “just in case,” and changing in the office bathroom is awkward.

There are some easy ways to make your office garb look more appropriate for a night out. With a few simple fixes, you can go from “office cute” to “hot night out,” all with minimal effort on your part. Just keeping a few items in a desk drawer can dramatically change your whole look.

Outfit 1

day and night outfits

A simple white sheath dress and some black tights cans easily be taken from day to night with a few tweaks. A cute cardigan and basic flats are perfect for autumn at the office, so you can stay warm and look sweet. A matching bag can carry all the things you’ll need for nighttime, too. For the night look, take off the cardigan. Add a great pair of black heels to lengthen your legs, replace your purse with a small clutch, and add some matching jewelry. Done!

Outfit 2

A pencil skirt is excellent for the office: it’s professional, clean cut, flatters most body types, and goes with almost anything. For this outfit, you can pair your pencil skirt with a simple white top, nude shoes, and pearl jewelry. For night, slip on an eye-catching pair of heels, beautiful peacock ring, and maybe a different top. By adding just a few elements, you can go from classic office wear to fun night out clothes.

Outfit 3

If you wear a cute pair of pants and heels to the office, you need to change very little to get ready to go out. If you wear a tank top under a sweater or blazer, simply take off the blazer. A sparkly tank is especially good for day-to-night, since you just have to add a few pieces of statement jewelry to your outfit. For this particular outfit, a simple change of shirt and necklace makes a huge difference.

Dressing yourself for a shift in scenery is much simpler than you’d think. Statement jewelry, especially bright and trendy wholesale fashion jewellery, makes people look twice at you, and can bring together an outfit. Heels instead of flats bring a whole new element to your clothes. Even just adding red lipstick can change your look. By keeping a few essential items in your desk drawers, you can look great and night-out ready in five minutes.

These outfits are just examples of simple transitions from day to night. Add a bit of sparkle and shine, and you’re good to go.

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