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Do you love to look at all things fashionable? If you do, chances are that you spend a lot of time online. You spend countless hours looking at clothes, shoes and the latest fashion trends. Maybe your favorite place to see all things fashionable in one place is on a favorite blog. While looking at the blog, you thought to yourself, “why can’t I have a blog like this?” You can! Anyone can have a blog and whether you know it or not, fashion blogs are some of the most popular blogs on the net. If you want one of your own, here are some ideas.

What to Blog

When you run a fashion blog, you are obviously going to blog about fashion! You guessed it. It’s your blog so you can blog anything you want. Most fashion blogs, however will blog pictures. These pictures can be of anything that have to do with fashion. You can post a picture of a pair of shoes you like. You may find that other people like the same shoes you do. You can post pictures of a purse that you like or even an outfit you seen that you like. Some fashion blogs will post pictures of things they want to own in a wish list form. Some blogs will also post articles about the latest fashion. You can find out about the latest trends this way and you can also come up with some ideas for what you can wear together. You will find that some blogs post about jewelry or even nail designs as well, because they are all parts of fashion. One of the most popular posts on a fashion blog is an outfit of the day post showing your readers what you wore each day.

Fashion Blogging

How to Connect With Other Fashion Bloggers

If you want to connect with other fashion bloggers that like the same things as you, you may find that blogging on a site, such as Tumblr is the best way to do it. When you make a post, you can add tags to it so that when people search for a certain tag, your blog will show up as well. You will also want to be sure that you follow other fashion blogs and like their posts. You will want to be sure that you reblog posts because this too is a great way for you to gain new followers and let people know your blog is out there.

Now that you have some ideas about how to get started with a fashion blog and what you can post on it, you should have no problem getting started. When you get your blog up and running, you will want to be sure that it gets the best promotion possible. Be sure to follow some other fashion blogs for inspiration but be sure that you post unique and original fashionable finds. Reblogging will get your blog some exposure as well. Good luck!

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