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Best Fashion Must-Haves for Men to Make You Look More Attractive

Fashion Must-Haves

Best Fashion Must-Haves for Men to Make You Look More Attractive


Our appearance makes 90% of first impression, but the success depends not only on our natural beauty. We may be incredibly handsome and look sporty, but our style is key to attractiveness. A beauty queen can hardly be hot and irresistible wearing threadbare t-shirt with baggy trousers, which also concerns men.

In a vast majority of situation, our clothes can fix our natural flaws and emphasize our best traits. And as you are reading this article on our web-site you definitely follow the latest trends… or try at least.

We’ve went through the most popular trends in men’s fashion this year and surveyed women on Yes date what they think about them. So, here is what we got.

Bold-print shirts

Bright graphic patterns on shirts have flooded the shops’ shelves this season. The variety of prints is huge: tropical motives a la Hawaiian shirt, small patterns, wide stripes, checkered. The brighter – the better. A vast supply of prints allows choosing your look for work and Saturday night hang out at the bar.

More strict patterns are perfect for wearing with suits and monochromatic ties. Try to play with different combinations of colors and prints. This trend was noticed among the celebrities this summer, so don’t hesitate!


Smartphones and other electronic devices slowly annihilate a long living habit of wearing wristwatch. However, the most sophisticated guys know that this accessory is nearly the most essential for creation a complete and bright, gentle, and masculine image.

If you don’t have one, complete your collection of accessories with at least two types of watches: casual and formal. At the first case you are free to choose colors and materials, but try to match it with your primary palette. At the second case give preference to solid metals and neutral colors (black, metallic, silver, and pale gold).

Beard and stubble

Of course, you don’t need to go shopping to have one of these. However, a stylish and well-groomed beard requires a careful and constant attention. You will need facial hair scissors, beard brush, reliable and multi functional trimmer, set of shaving bowl and sharp razors, and beard oil with shampoo if you choose Freud’s or Hemingway’s look.

We should also tell about do-not’s. Chinstraps, excessively manicured goatees, bushy fake-looking real beards and prominent beard are taboo. Too old-fashioned, too untidy, too ridiculous.

Bright belts

Opposite to women, men tend not to pay an excessive attention to accessories. Well ,they should. Such insignificant element like belt can entirely transform your image. The solution is easy: choose the ones with patterns or in length stripes.

Such items have already complimented the men’s collections of Prada, Gap, Paul Smith, Gucci, and Brooks Brothers, so the prices, as you may guess, are suitable for any budget and you can buy several at once. Wear them with casual jeans, chinos, and suits in brown, grey, navy, and beige.

Expensive (and reliable) shoes or sneakers

Footwear cannot forgive a frugality, and women cannot forgive men wearing cheap and sloppy shoes. If you don’t invest in this item once, you will ruin all your images completely, regardless of applying all of our previous must-haves. Footwear is that thing that also cannot forgive a lack of variety.

Men always comply about “unnecessarily” huge collection of women’s shoes in their dressing room. But let’s be honest, you can’t be attractive with only one pair of old sneakers, loafers, oxfords or sandals, especially if you don’t care for them. As the same with the belts or watches, chose diversity, complement your casual and formal looks with appropriate footwear.



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