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All You Wanted to Know about Ball Gowns

There is nothing more majestic than wearing a ball gown. They are attractive, glamorous, and ensure that you look the best version of yourself. At the same time, one needs to have intense knowledge of how to wear ball dresses to rock the look. But the end product makes all your effort worthwhile. This article will guide you on the various Dos and Don’ts when it comes to donning an exalted ball gown.


Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Body Type:

To be frank, ball gown dresses are available in abundance, each more unique than the last. And that is why, with enough research and background information, anyone can find the perfect ball gowns for themselves.

But for the evening to be perfect, you need to find a dress that best reflects your curves. That is why you need to figure out your body shape type and get a gown that flatters your stature. Finding a beautiful dress is easy enough, but it’s much harder to determine if it is the perfect match for you, and your body shape. There are many different body types that are compatible with traditional wedding gowns, and others that lean more towards a simple ball gown for girls. You need to find out which type you are – from hourglass to apple, and many more in between!

  1. The Apple Body Type:

    Let us begin with one of the most common body types for females across the world. The apply body type has a slim lower-body section (thighs and legs) but is more rounded towards the mid-section, and upper body.This body type is compatible with a gown dress that brings out a defined waist in your mid-section. Another tip is to incorporate a deep v-neckline on your gown to give it an air of royalty. For this body type, it is advisable that you only opt for gowns during formal events, and not for casual parties.

    Ball Gowns
  2. The Hourglass Body Type:

    In traditional beauty terms, people consider the hourglass body type to be the most attractive. Therefore, it is only natural that this body shape goes perfectly with ball gowns. As is evident from the name, the hourglass body type consists of a slim waist, with fuller and bustier hips, creating the shape of an hourglass.As you can imagine, this body type creates a very desirable shape that the whole fashion industry appreciates. As a result, this particular body type can go well with many kinds of gowns. But to look perfect, try going for a dress with an open back, and a higher neckline, as they together tend to define your curves even

    Ball Gowns


  1. The Fuller Body Type:

    The full-body type, with bustier curves, is a blessing for all women! You can flaunt your curves, and appearance by opting for a fitted gown that boasts a slimmer waistline. As the full body type has wider upper-body and narrower hips, you need to find a dress that balances the inconsistencies. This is why you should choose to go for a dress that fits you perfectly and is narrower at the bottom. This perfect blend will help bring your curves into focus!

    Ball Gowns
  2. Petite Body Type:

    Do you know why petite women can rock a traditional ball gown wedding dress perfectly? It is because of the dress’s single-tone nature. Women with petite body type boast a shorter personality and have a slim, narrow upper body. Wearing a single-tone gown in preferably a block colour will bring everyone’s attention to the entire length of the gown, thus elongating your stature. On the other hand, you can go for a gown with a higher waist so that your legs can look longer, and more attractive than usual.

    Ball Gowns

How to Choose the Colour of Your Gowns:

Wearing a gown is a task that you have to carry out with perfection. After choosing the right dress for your body type, it is of the utmost importance that you pay attention to its colour. There are a large number of factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing the colour of your ball gown.

  1. White Gowns:

    Let’s face it; gowns look the most beautiful when they’re coloured in white. But you cannot wear white gowns everywhere. In fact, there are some occasions where you need to stay away from wearing an all-white dress or a gown (at someone else’s wedding; you don’t want to take the attention away from the bride!).But imagine if it’s your wedding – there is nothing better that you can don than a white gown. Imagine walking down the aisle wearing an open-back white gown, there’s nothing more glamorous than that!

Ball Gowns
Ball Gowns
  1. Skin Tone:

    You have to make sure that the colour of your dress is in sync with the colour of your skin. To make it simpler for you, warm colours (like brown, orange, some shades of yellow) are compatible with dusky and darker skin tones. On the other hand, cold colours (blue, green) work well with whiter, or paler skin tones. If you wish to be neutral, don a white or a black dress, the colours that can fit with just about anyone!

  2. Body Type:

    Another instance where you need to concentrate on your body type is while choosing the colour of your gown. If you are worried that you might be slightly plump, or busty, then go for dark colours. Darker shades give you the appearance of being slimmer, and taller than you are in reality. At the same time, wearing lighter shades can help you appear curvier. So, if you get your colour pallet right, you can enhance some of your bodily features that you might find unflattering.

  3. The Occasion:

    Last, but not the least – choosing the right colours for the right occasion is extremely important. You cannot show up at a casual party wearing a pretty pink princess ball gown, can you?

    1. Weddings:
      If you are attending a wedding, you can wear any glamorous coloured dress, depending upon the season and other factors. While at a wedding, you should opt for stronger colours; for example, you can rock your aesthetic with a red ball gown.
    2. Casual Parties:
      It’s hard to pick the perfect outfit for a casual gathering because you don’t want to look too fabulous. At the same time, you cannot be underdressed for the occasion either! But here’s a hack – wear bright colours with a neutral tone! You can opt for baby pink, bright yellow, or the lighter shades of blue for such occasions.
    3. Formal Parties:
      Just like in weddings, formal parties demand outfits with stronger, and darker hues. Imagine sifting through a high-class party in your stunning black ball gown. Nobody will be able to take their eyes off of you!

These are the basic rules for selecting the perfect gown for you.

Wedding Gowns:

You must understand that there is a substantial difference between a traditional ballroom gown and wedding gowns. There are three basic steps for choosing the perfect wedding gown.

  1. Browse through online gallery:
    The internet has an enormous stash of pictures of wedding gowns. Who knows, you might find your dream wedding dress while sifting through the pages of Pinterest!
  2. The Mood of the Wedding:
    Before you venture out to find your wedding dress, determine the venue and the theme of the wedding. It would look weird if you show up at your ballroom wedding wearing a coral gown.
  3. Choose the right colour:
    Most of the fashion experts are fixated upon ‘white’ being the perfect colour for a wedding dress. But the most important thing is for you to be you. If you think white doesn’t suit you, pick a colour that matches your personality (use our guide).

Types of Gown Designs:

Apart from the usual designing, neckline and sleeves are the two most noticeable features in a gown. Here are some of the most stunning neckline and sleeve designs:

  1. The Lace V-Neckline:

    This beautiful design highlights your curves and weaves an intricate pattern, making it look absolutely majestic.

  2. Off-Shoulder Neckline:

    When it comes to elegance, there is no other design that can beat an off-shoulder neckline in a gown. It complements your entire stature and gives you an overall princess-like look. This type of neckline can complement your entire stature, and give you a more confident, and regal appearance.

  3. The Classy High-Neck:

    Are you tired of being conventional, and following the same fashion trends again and again? If you do, I don’t blame you. A gown with a high neck screams unconventional and is sure to catch the attention of all the onlookers.

    Ball Gowns

Now, let us look at some of the best sleeve designs!

  1. Net Sleeves:

    These are uncommon, but are absolutely stunning!

    Ball Gowns
  1. Flared Sleeves:

    They give you a more regal, and complete appearance.

    Courtesy: Kalkifashion
  2. Cloak-Style Sleeves:

    Want to try something daring? This is what you’re looking for!


In conclusion, it is clear that wearing a gown is rewarding, but the process of choosing the right one is not at all devoid of hardships and important decisions that one needs to take. At the same time, the end product is worth all the trouble.


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