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5 Top Tips for Affordable Student Fashion

The rise in tuition fees has finally become a reality, meaning that the average graduate debt after university is expected to soar into the stratosphere. It’s time to make the most of the money that you have, and we’re going to start with your wardrobe. If you’re prepared to search charity and discount shops high and low, not let any clothing go to waste and think about what it is you really need, affordable fashion can be yours. Without further ado, here are my top tips for inexpensive student style.

1. Examine your existing wardrobe

Before taking one step outside the house, it’s time for you to muster up some self-control. Just because that advert said that something new is available doesn’t mean that you desperately need it. Ask yourself: are the clothes that you already own really that bad? You might find that you’re already rather fashionable, in which case there’s no need to part ways with your dough.

Student Fashion

2. Separate the needs from the wants

Advertising has the power to make us reach into our pockets and fork out pound after pound on unnecessary bits and pieces. Sure, those swim shorts look fantastic, but it’s snowing outside and that’s money gone forever. Again, a little will power can go a long way and it can save you A LOT of cash, so think with your head every once in a while and don’t splash out on the things that the television told you to buy.

 3. Search the charity shops

The average charity shop is a haven for cheap clothing, and more often than not you’ll be able to find well-recognised and respectable brands. Why not get some friends together and make a day of exploring your local highstreet’s aid outlets? You’ll be saying hello to stylish garments before you know it, as well as helping out those in need.

4. Trade with your friends

There will be occasions where you find that one t-shirt that you just don’t want anymore, and there’s a good chance that your buddies are thinking the same thing. DON’T LET ANYTHING GO TO WASTE! Save yourself some wonga by exchanging unwanted outfits with your pals, and in return you could bag yourself a nifty sweatshirt or two.

5. Take a magnifying glass to discount shops

The likes of TK Maxx and Primark have cheaper clothes on sale because they spend less on advertising, not because their stock is rubbish. Examine these outlets well and eventually you’ll find something that suits you for a very generous price. Just be prepared to hermit the place for a while.

Greg Henley is currently studying creative writing and drama studies at Bath Spa University. He shares his 5 best affordable fashion tips for us here on behalf of


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