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The world’s most versatile pant made with natural materials

world's most versatile pant

Fashion is something  in which you can feel comfortable Orchard+Lex and are athletes by profession.

According to Travis and Felix they often used to think, “We expect as much from our clothing as we expect from ourselves. But where can we find a pant as multifaceted and ready for action as we are, that can take us through active, casual, and business situations in comfort and style?”

After giving it a long thought they came to an answer and decided to create pants made of merino wool. This fabric is a two way stretch and is in dry fit technology. The fabric is also having certain more qualities that include the light weight of the fabric and  surprisingly is water resistant and moisture wicking pant.

The pants are designed such that they are  machine-washable, water and moisture resistant, lightweight, and flexible. Yet they look amazingly cool.

The pant is for every kind of situation. It is best suited for a party, a golf match, a date and even at office.  This will keep you comfortable and easy to move.

orchard+Lex motive is  “We don’t just make great pants, we make pants great!”

Before creating the pants the makers at orchard+Lex have first considered the basic concepts of fit, form and function.

  1. Fit
  2. Form
  3. Function

The authorities at orchard+Lex said, “We wanted to make pants that defied categorization, that could be worn at any time or in any place with panache and comfort. Leaving enough room around the thigh, knee, and leg for full mobility, we also made sure the pants had that dapper slim look.

It took orchard+Lex 2 years to create the unique pants, that is the combination of coolness and class. Once the amazing pant was made the owners were so happy that they expressed their happiness, saying, “After 2 years of developing a fabric that perfectly combines form and function, we finally created something we love.

Our merino wool breathes in the summer, insulates in winter, and is always soft and lightweight. The natural blend also incorporates hydrophobic technology to wick moisture and resist stains and water, meaning you can live your life to the fullest without concern about keeping your pants clean. ”

They further added,

“We achieved the sleek look of the pants by combining high-performance tropical wool with a flat front slim fit Chino. Then we deepened and reinforced the pockets to make space for large cell phones and wallets and added a beautiful Italian cotton lining. “



The pants are available in various waist sizes for the people for easy fit. These include: 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38.


The amazing pants are available in three sizes. These sizes include:





Everyone has a different choice of colours and thus the orchard+Lex chose the best colours for the pant. The choices are:

Power Blue

Stone Grey

Nitesky Maroon

Risks and challenges:

It was not easy to manufacture such pants after the complete study of material and hard work the pants were manufactured.

Now one can order at the site and receive the pants in 4 months. The orchard+Lex is determined that all the pants will be handed to their owners till the end of the November, 2017. The shipment can be delayed for some shipment clearance reasons but it surely will reach to the buyer.

Adding to the excitement we say that these pants are really affordable.

To learn more about the pants click to visit the kickstarter project.



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