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Women G-String –The Ultimate Necessity for Ladies

Women g-string

Women G-String –The Ultimate Necessity for Ladies

2017 calls for the return of G-Strings and thongs for women.  This 1990s fashion is back, and masses have accepted it with open arms. Back in those days, G-string was a big thing, and every woman was spotted wearing it under their jeans. This necessity remained hidden under the denim covers until the slung jeans came into fashion that would merely touch the pelvic bones.

Many female pop-stars took advantage of this trend and flaunt their g-strings hanging out of their bottoms. This fashion prevailed for some years and then became underground. Now it is back with the bang, and a recent survey shows the increase in the sale of G-strings to 48 percent. Baffling, isn’t it!

Celebs love it!

G-strings is a fashion statement for so many superstars these days. The hipsters like Rihanna posing her closecret thongs in a pole dance sequence of her music video or Abbey Clancy flashing her white G-Strings is not accidental. You would also see Miley Cyrus revealing her undergarment in a fashionista embracing this trend.

Lady Gaga who is famous for her outrageous costumes was found sporting thongs on a stage performance. Being the choice of many Hollywood stars, women g-string is hitting the mainstream and will remain in fashion for quite some time.

Why you need Closecret G-Strings?

Whether you this outfit or hate it, you can never ignore it! It is a necessity for every lingerie closet so that you are all ready and set to go. Closecret has designed g-strings to meet your casual as well as formal needs. If you wish to improve your personal styling, then it is time to update on your briefs. Here are some reasons that make g-strings indispensable.


Closecret women g-string come with comfortable waist without any elastic on your skin. It has 95% cotton and only 5% spandex. The thongs are designed to provide comfort and smoothness so that you have an ultimate and soothing experience of your life.

Under Short Dresses

Thongs are mandatory to be worn under skirts and short dresses for aesthetic purposes. You will not look impressive in sagging underpants in case your dress is pulled up. Thongs are a safe choice under short dresses.

Low Jeans

Thongs and low jeans go hand in hand. No one wants their colored straps of panties to be shown from the top of their low waist denim. Wearing g-strings is the best choice to look stunning.

Forget Visible Panty Lines

The business attire or tight jeans are more prone to show off panty-lines which are embarrassing. To get yourself saved from the awkward situation, it is better to wear non-existent thongs.

Women g-strings is a love for many ladies which they kept secreted under their pants for so many years. Just like wearing sweatpants in office and flip-flops in a bash is odd, so is not wearing g-strings for so many women. Although it is an uncomfortable option for so many yet the main idea behind wearing thongs is at special occasions and day outs when one wishes to give up on panty-lines.

Ladies require looking attractive even if they have to compromise on comfort but this is not the case with Closecret g-strings. It takes no time to get used to it and you will feel comfy eventually.



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