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Which Colors Pair Best With Gold Jewelry?

gold jewelry

Did you know that gold jewelry is one of the emerging fashion trends of 2021? This classic color has the unique advantage of being timeless, which means that it will look good with almost any outfit or look you put together.

Would you like to know what colors go best with gold jewelry? Here are some of the top hues and fashion tips that will complement gold jewelry in your next ensemble.


Pairing precious metals with other precious metals can actually create a fun fashion look. Mixing metals is a great way to show that you are bold when it comes to your style.

When wearing gold accessories, you can either pair them with accessories made of other metals, or clothing items in shiny hues. Try to stick to only a couple of metal colors at a time, so you will not overwhelm your outfit.

Emerald Green

Gold tends to complement darker and richer colors, so emerald green is a great option. A simple gold necklace can be the perfect accessory for an outfit focused on emerald green.

Emerald green is usually worn for casual or formal evening events, but you can dress it up for daytime as well. Some of the best gold jewelry can be used in many different ensembles.


Black is one of the best colors to make gold jewelry really glitter and shine. The color makes a powerful statement on its own, but combining it with gold will elevate your look.

If your outfit is a simple shade of black, then you can make a statement by wearing more elaborate gold jewelry and accessories. A glimmer of gold will always complement a black outfit and offer a sleek and classic accessory.


You may think red is too bright to pair with gold, but the two colors can go surprisingly well together. Red is a bold color, so you should try to wear simple gold accessories that do not overwhelm it.

Yellow gold jewelry and red have warm tones and go well together with any outfit. Try a pair of gold hoop earrings or a gold chain around your neck to bring your look to the next level.


Purple has been known for hundreds of years as the color of royalty, so naturally, it would go perfectly with gold jewelry. Your best gold jewelry will work well with deeper shades of purple.

For a regal look, try pairing a dazzling 4 qul necklace with a purple ensemble, such as an elegant dress. You are guaranteed to steal the show with this color palette.

Gold Jewelry Works With Every Outfit

You do not need to wear lots of different jewelry to make your outfit work. Wearing gold jewelry will give you a bit of class and elevate any fashion look.

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