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Unique leavers clothing ideas

Over the last few years, a new tradition in school and university leaving has emerged. Added to the leavers ball or prom, last day pranks and signed school shirts has been specialist leavers clothing.

This is an idea that, perhaps not surprisingly, started in the USA. This is after all a country that specialises in ceremonial leaving occasions. It was they that gave us the idea of the prom in the first place and the idea of leavers clothing is that everyone in a graduating class or year is given an item of clothing as a permanent memento.

Unique leavers clothing ideas

What does leavers clothing look like?

Usually printed or stitched into the clothing is the name of the school or institution, the name of the class or graduating year and the names of all those matriculating.

The idea is that everyone has the same memento to take with them as they move forward, one final unifying act to represent the bond that they have made during their time together. It’s almost like a nostalgic uniform; something that they can wear to remember the fun and friends made.


What options are there?

Without doubt, the two most popular leavers clothing items are the t-shirt and the hoody. Both of these items are flexible and can be worn in many situations and that is perhaps their biggest appeal. However, there are other clothing items that are also great for the job – and here are some of the more unique options you could choose instead.


Polo and rugby shirts

Polo and rugby shirts also make great leavers clothing. This is because they are largely plain but can be ordered in many colours. A quality rugby shirt from makes a perfect leavers clothing base with the excellent quality ensuring it is going to stand the test of time.


Sweaters and henleys

Sweaters and henleys are also great for leavers clothing as they are frequently worn on the outside and not covered up like a t-shirt.

If you were feeling really experimental, and depending on the nature of your institution, you could even go for a leavers onesie from Clifton Clothing – it’s certainly different! These items have become a craze sensation at the moment and would make the perfect outfit to wear on a celebratory night out after exams or even at a school reunion a few years down the line.


Customisable options

As well as a choice over the type of clothing, those interested in leavers clothing can also customise their designs through the use of text or imagery. While the standard approach adds the name of institution and the year to the clothing, with the name of students potentially added as well, there are other options you could consider for something a little different.

A great example would be having slogans or catchphrases from your individual friend group added to your clothes. Opting for leavers clothing which reminds you of the school or institution as well as particular memories you made along the way, is a great way to give yourself a lasting memento and is certainly a unique idea.


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