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Types of underwear to suit your body shape

Underwear is a piece of cloth worn to protect and cover the private parts of a person’s body. Women and men alike invest in high quality underwear because it provides them the kind of comfort they need. If you are going to search around, you will find a lot of women’s underwear and most of them are available in different shapes, sizes, designs, and styles. With the multitude of choices, how will you be able to distinguish which one is suitable for your body? In this article, we will discuss the different types of underwear for women. Choosing the right underwear will not only give comfort, but as well as boost self confidence.

Control top underwear

This type of woman underwear is perfect for women with apple shape bodies. The apple shaped body is characterized with broad shoulders, large bust, slim waist, and narrow hips. The control top underwear carefully hugs the tummy thereby giving you a slimmer and flatter tummy. Its primary purpose is to hide unwanted belly fats.


If you have an hourglass shaped body, then briefs are the right choice. It will make your waist even more defined, which gives an illusion that your waist is smaller than your bust. If you want your body to look more attractive, then wearing brief is the right way to go.

Underwear with side panels

If you have wide hips and thighs, smaller bust, and narrow shoulders, then wearing underwear with side panels can help. The underwear with side panels make the hips look slimmer. Women with pear shaped body can also wear brief style underwear. It makes the legs look longer and slimmer than its actual size. This will evenly make your body in proportion.

Large cut underwear/hipster/bikini briefs

These types of underwear are ideal for women with boyish shaped body. The primary purpose of wearing such types of underwear is to give a woman’s body more defined shape, especially in the hips and bottoms.

Let us now define the different types of underwear for women

Bikinis – this type of underwear is commonly worn by women of all ages. The bikini type underwear is characterized with high cut design with narrow strip fabric. The other term for bikini underwear is low rise panty. If you are going to wear low rise pants, then using a low rise panty can emphasize the natural curvature of your butt, hips, and legs.


Briefs– a lot of women are using brief panties because it provides full covering both in the front and back. Basically, older and heavier women wear brief type panties and because of this briefs are also called granny panties.

Boyleg/boy shorts

This type of underwear is worn to smooth out bumps and lumps. It also offers full coverage supporting not only the hips, but as well as the bottom. If you are wearing fitted clothing, then boyleg can mask the unwanted lumps and bumps.

G-strings underwear

This type of underwear is characterized by little string of material that runs in the side of the garment. This is sexy cut underwear that barely covers the surrounding area of the vagina.


It is described as small triangular underwear that covers the front and leaves the back area uncovered. The primary purpose of wearing thongs is to eliminate panty lines.

There are so many types of underwear to choose from, but when it comes to choosing the best underwear you should first take into account your body shape. Designs and styles are okay, but it is the comfort and fit that truly defines fashion.

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