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Top 7 Red Mark and Roberts Maxi Dresses For the Daring

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Red is the color of passion, seduction and sin. Women who wear it are usually full of energy, reckless and daring. Dresses exist to make you shine and catch a man’s eye with their appearance. Wearing red also boosts your confidence which can have positive results about how a woman feels about herself and has a change of winning the night. It is like you are always ready for action and you will look seductively and you won’t have to even try to do it.

However, you may have not taken a glance at the long dresses collection at Mark & Roberts. When I first visited the website I was stunned. From elegant dresses to the casual dresses, they have everything, it is your pick.

Victorian Era Style

Wearing this marvelous long sleeve maxi – you will make an appearance like a style icon. Take a walk in this one and you will steal many of hearts. It will make you look sweet with the big ribbon around the neck. Keep the accessories minimal since the ribbon makes it a kind of unique and somehow gives it a Victorian era style which keeps it out of the modest look. Combine the maxi with a pair of black strappy sandals and crystal bracelet and prepare to shine.

Chic in Floral

If you rock this chic style embroidered with white flower patterns you will certainly differ from each woman at the event.  A tea-length maxi in a Carrie Bradshaw style and this is a type of dresses to impress.  Finish the look with a pair of beige pumps. Accessorize it only with a ring or a simple bracelet.

The accentuated pinkish-red colors make this floral maxi stunning. Summer, spring or even fall, I am on it. It is one of the best floral pieces of dresses I have seen by far.


This is one of the casual dresses that you have to be quite daring to wear it. The asymmetric dresses are still in and there is Mark and Roberts to prove that. The whole collection includes a wide range of reds and this one is really unique. For the accessories, feel free to copy the style for the picture. I would not change a thing since it is perfect. This maxi is a beautiful mix of sophistication and comfort.

Flattering in Strappy Maxi

There are dresses that are a perfect fit for babes – you do not have to be tall to wear it, you just need to be fit and you will sparkle, and this is one of them. The red color on a maxi is just a flattering silhouette and this long maxi is going to make your look sexy and stunning. It will create a strong persona and it will scream attractiveness. Make your hair look wavy falling right under the shoulders and add light crystal neck jewelry. Trust me, you will sparkle, men love the strappy dresses like this one.

Casual yet Elegant

This maxi with a slightly plunging front will make you the star of the affair. It gives a combination of simple but elegant and the print touch makes it fabulous, classy and glamorous. I would not add any other color to the sandals except some diamond shoes and it will be perfect match with a necklace for a glamorous look.

On the other hand, its simplicity may take it to the casual dresses side. Feel free to rock it even with Converse shoes and some hippy style simple necklaces. Honestly, I think this is the best at the collection of long dresses. If you ask me, I think it is one of the dresses with timeless beauty.

Real Goddess in a Maxi

Get the look of a goddess by wearing another choice of this fabulous maxi. Having a decent high neck, this maxi is dreamy. Putting your beautiful figure in this tight Mark and Roberts burgundy perfection and you will stun everyone.

Daring in off the shoulder Maxi

Wearing off the shoulder red maxi with a daring thigh-split you will look super sexy and chic at the same time wearing a thigh split one shoulder maxi by Ralph Lauren. You can style it with silver heels and a matching clutch regarding the maxi code. This kind of color might not be the most exciting piece in your closet, however, it can be the best piece you can ever own if you want to make a great appearance, because you can style it many ways for any kind of evening parties.

There are plenty of ways to spice it up and turn it into something that is totally you. Also keep in mind that you can choose from hundreds of gorgeous red evening dresses, from ruffles, tiers to lace to complement the style of your own.




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