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Top Alternatives to Diamonds to Consider When Buying Men’s Wedding Bands

Mens Wedding Bands

Top Alternatives to Diamonds to Consider When Buying Mens Wedding Bands

Even though diamonds have been marketed as something very desirable, which indeed they are, they really are not very good investments. The main reason why their prices are so high is that the supply is deliberately restricted by the marketers. If you are inclined to be sensible and are open to precious stones other than diamonds for your wedding bands then there’s a world of possibilities, all extremely attractive. Some of the top recommendations:


Many cultures have revered sapphires for its legendary healing powers of both the body and the spirit. Even today, sapphires are much loved not only for their exquisite color but also for symbolizing virtue, wisdom, good fortune and even holiness. When set in an engagement ring, it is said that sapphires symbolize sincerity and faithfulness.

On the hardness scale, it measures just one notch below diamonds, scoring 9 on the 10-point Mohs scale. This makes them ideal for daily use. A member of the corundum family, sapphires come in deep and pale blues as well as pinks and purples. You can discover some really beautiful sapphire ring collections at

Mens Wedding Bands


Rubies have traditionally been favored by both the royalty and the common man for their rich red hue. Even today, it enjoys the best prices among all colored precious stones according to the Gemological Institute of America.

Rubies come from the same corundum mineral family as sapphires and are absolutely identical to each other except for the blood-red color of rubies that are caused by the presence of chromium instead of the normal aluminum. While the “Pigeon Blood” color is what defines rubies, these lovely stones can be found in various shades ranging from orange-red to a distinctive purple-red.


For more than 5000 years, emeralds have fascinated both royalty and commoners with their rich and radiant green color. Even today it retains its position as among the top three precious stones outside of diamonds in the jewelry industry. It is especially favored as a wedding ring stone. Emeralds are characterized by their distinctive green color that ranges from a yellowish green to green and a blue-green hue.

The richness of color is also a prerequisite. The intensity of color and richness required for it to be called an emerald is also a matter of debate as the greenish blues are called aquamarine while the greenish yellow ones are called heliodors. The setting of the emeralds can make a visible difference to the way it looks so be sure to ask your jeweler to show the stone set into the ring.


If you are not inclined to buy a diamond for your wedding band then you can choose from a number of very attractive options. While sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are perhaps the most popular, you can be distinctly different by opting for gems like amethyst, turquoise, morganite, garnet, and moissanite to name just a few. Whatever you choose, be sure to choose something that’s very hard so that your wedding ring can take all that you can throw at it with daily use.

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