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Top 10 ways how to become a fashion model

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Top 10 ways how to become a Fashion Model

Modelling is not an option it’s always a choice. Most girls dream to be featured on the front cover of fashion magazines but not all the get chance to become model. Many lack behind not because of looks but because of the attitude and the way they carry themselves. It’s just a sort of game of self-confidence and self-love. Glamour comes automatically.

From the phone camera to the professional camera its undoubtedly a very long journey. For covering the milestone you need to have qualities described below. So check yourself are you a perfect girl for modelling.

1. Look after your goods, girl!:

Look after yourself. Your body is something that plays the most important part to get selected at any modelling agency. You need to look perfect and you should be in a perfect shape and for that you don’t need to eat less but you need to eat right and you need to cut out fats and sugars.

You need to maintain the weight and improve your looks. Be at your best look whether at the party or at the gym. You need to look glamorous 24/7. No one would like to see a model who is unfit and does not care about appearance. So, the first thing is look at yourself and self-check for the beauty, body, diet and workout.

2. Who do you want to be, Honey?

Models are of many types. You need to set up your mind what you are really up to. It always doesn’t mean to walk on ramp. The modelling careers are elaborated below:

1) Runway – These models are the ones you see strutting the catwalk. Generally, they are very tall and hired to showcase a designer’s new fashion line.

2) Print – Print models will usually have striking facial features and are all about personality! It can be difficult to show emotion or attitude through a camera, so these girls are all about their sass.

3) Underwear/ Swimwear – This call for confidence in bundles. You really need to be confident in your own skin if you decide that this career path is for you.

4) Alternative – They’re all about individuality. Some modelling agencies and campaigns call for people who are incredibly unique in their bodies or personality. If you know that nobody else looks or acts like you – then consider being an alternative model.

5) Feature – People who decide to be feature models are those who have an absolutely stunning feature for a specific calling. If you have stunning hands, feet, eyes or hair – you can show it off by modelling your gorgeous feature in this line of modelling.

3. Picture perfect princess!:

Say cheese! Yes, the photographs need to be by a professional. Before getting any job people make CVs.  At modelling agency portfolio is going to be your CV. Thus it needs to showcase your pictures from head shots to the full length pictures. The pictures should express to impress.

They should express the beauty of your style and attitude. Anyone who gets a look of your pictures should be stunned by the beauty and gorgeousness. As first impression is the last impression. if you the correct portfolio, no one can stop you from becoming a super model.

4. This is for real!

Make up your mind. Don’t treat it like a time pass but treat it like a profession. If you are passionate you are definitely going up in this industry and becoming a sensation. You should bear all the criticism and still show politeness. Be thankful and avoid unwanted controversies.

Be a model by look and attitude and not by clothes and makeup. Keep yourself ready for all the situations. Keep your makeup along on shoots.

5. Keep your head up!

Keep your head up princess or your tiara might fall. Struggling and modelling go side by side. There is no success without struggle and you need to remember all the models out there have worked hard for reaching the heights.

You need to write your own story and enjoy what you are doing.  The hard work surely pays off. Just remember don’t pretend to be someone else just be who you are and see the success coming towards you.


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