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The Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

Many people look to purchase a hot tub simply for the relaxation.  They have visions of coming home after a long, hard day at work, stripping off their clothes, slipping into the luxurious steamy water, and just letting the weight of the world melt off their shoulders.  What most people never even consider is how much more a hot tub has to offer than simple relaxation.  In fact, the health benefits of hot tubs may be the biggest reason why a person should consider ownership.

Among the most obvious of the health benefits of hot tubs is relief from aching joints or muscle pain.  Hydro massage powered by the water jets in a hot tub can loosen and relax sore muscles.  The water will buoy up to ninety percent of the body’s weight, which can reduce the stress on joints. The Arthritis Foundation has stated that lessened pain and stiffness, as well as improved ability to perform regular daily life tasks are all possible benefits from heated hydrotherapy. The heat from the water can also open blood vessels, lowering blood pressure.

Hot Tubs

One of the most surprising of the health benefits of hot tubs is realized by those individuals suffering from Type II Diabetes.  By practicing hydrotherapy over three weeks, for only six days a week, and a miniscule thirty minutes per day, diabetics are able to lower their overall blood sugar level and lose weight.

People suffering from ailments often characterized by complete all over body pain, such as fibromyalgia, can often enjoy significant relief from the fatigue, aches and pain associated with their condition.  Simply by soaking in the heated tub and performing a bit of light stretching exercises, the symptoms can be greatly reduced.

There are some precautions that individuals suffering from certain disorders must take into careful consideration before purchasing and making use of a hot tub.  According to statements from the American Heart Association, those people who have hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, should not engage in exercise before getting into a hot tub. Diabetics, who may have neuropathy, should exercise caution when using a hot tub, because their lessened sensation could make them more susceptible to hot water burns.  Alcohol should not be consumed when using a hot tub.

The health benefits of hot tubs, combined with the soothing relaxation make for a wonderfully healthy experience.  If you suffer from any of these ailments, consult with your physician to see if a hot tub is right for you.


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