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Owl Milano watches suits your personality and lifestyle

The latest mobile phones might have done away with the need for watches, but it will never fulfill the desire. There is something about the perfect timepiece that ties a whole outfit together. A wrist watch is an important accessory that nobody is perfect without it. Watches you wear in daily life, these are like part of yourself and as ... Read More »

5 Ladies Watches for Party Season

It’s getting closer to Party Season, where Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas, and New Year’s are all celebrated intensively, and for good reason! Most of us have plans to be merry and wish the year goodbye and we always want to do it in style. Glitter and sparkling outfits are usually the fashion for this period, but if you’re like me ... Read More »

Dress Rugged & Edgy With These Pieces

As admirable as it is to pull off a clean, elegant look, sometimes it’s just more fun, more comfortable and more relaxing to pull off a rugged and edgy look. When done well, it is also more chic and here are a few pieces that’ll enable you to pull off such a look to perfection. Kurt Geiger Stand Boots We’ll ... Read More »

Dive Watches are a Must Have Piece of Kit

dive watches

Scuba diving is a very technical sport and having the right equipment is essential.  There are lots of items of kit required if you want to dive reefs and wrecks, not least an oxygen supply, but aside from some means of breathing underwater, a dive watch should be very high on your list of must-have pieces of kit for scuba ... Read More »

Lock and Load – Click into a New Style with Replacement Watch Straps

Watch Straps

I have always enjoyed wearing watches.  These universal items of adornment are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.  Buying watches can be a big investment so people do tend to keep them a long time.  The good thing is that you can get replacement watch straps to keep your timepiece looking in tip top condition. Investing in Watches I love collecting ... Read More »

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