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Stylish Options in Men’s Jeans

Jeans were originally invented as sturdy work wear for hard-working men. Over the years, however, jeans have become elevated as a fashion staple that can be worn in almost any situation and style. Where at one time, the question was between blue and black alone, there are now thousands of choices for fashionable jeans, with something available for every man’s sense of attitude and fashion. Today, men can’t just buy the first pair of jeans that fit. They must carefully compare fabrics, styles, cuts, and fit to find the pair that is just right.

Men’s Jeans


Men who are shopping for jeans must now compare brands, colors, styles, and more to find the pair that suits their individual personalities. Do you prefer a washed-out look? Are you more into navy and indigo dyes? Is black your favorite color of denim or do you prefer a different color all together? Do you want jeans with frays, patches, and rips? Are you looking for something more dressy and put together? The choices can be overwhelming and, as such, many men make the mistake of just buying the first pair they can live with instead of finding the pair that is absolutely perfect.


In recent years, skinny jeans became all the rage in men’s jeans. Black skinny jeans were a worldwide fashion statement and, as usual, the style evolved to include a wide range of finishes and colors. Unfortunately, skinny jeans aren’t very flattering for most men. As a result, the style started changing to include low-rise, cuffed, and relaxed choices.

Now, jeans are leaning toward a trend that is looser around the crotch and upper thighs, but that tapers to a close fit around the ankles. This great cut is worn from a slightly loose fit to an extreme sag (which is not that attractive) and is enjoyed by men of all ages and walks of life. Most men find this to be the most comfortable fit of the recent styles so it looks like the trend is here to stay.

So, how does a fashion-conscious man find the right pair of jeans from all of these options? The answer is to do some research. If you aren’t confident in your knowledge of fashion, find a trusted friend or family member who will give you an honest appraisal of different styles on you. Make a day of shopping and trying on your choices until you find the cut, color, style, and fit that are perfect for your body type and personality. Once you have identified your best options in jeans, shopping for additional pairs will be painless. Buy well made, quality jeans when you shop in order to get the most wear from them. Of course they cost more, but the comfort and style you will enjoy are more than worth the price difference. Since jeans are one of the most important items in any man’s wardrobe, shouldn’t you take the time to find the ones that make you look your best at all times?

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