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Style Guide – How to Conquer the Workwear Look

Workwear Look

How to Conquer the Workwear Look

The workwear style is for guys who yearn for a return to a simpler time when quality and craftsmanship mattered. Once the style of railroad workers and miners, the style represents an era where men weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

Workwear features a lot of natural materials such as raw denim, leather and cotton that takes us back to our manufacturing roots. A big part of the workwear style revolves around quality craftsmanship. Handcrafted boots, hand washed denim and simple accessories all add to the sincerity of the trend.

Although a bit intimidating at first, nailing the workwear look is easy with these tips.

Start with Heritage Boots


Nothing compliments a workwear look more than a rugged pair of heritage work boots.

Once the boots of iron ore miners and steelworkers, heritage work boots are now part of a Heritage movement to bring back quality craftsmanship in men’s clothing and footwear.

Not only are Heritage boots well made, but they are a masculine addition to any guy’s wardrobe. Because of their thick soles, boots have the ability to make you look taller. Their rugged leather will also make you look and feel more commanding than a regular pair of shoes.

For your first pair of Heritage boots it pays to go with a pair of wedge soled boots with a moc toe. This style is timeless and goes perfectly with a nice pair of selvedge denim.

Upgrade Your Denim


Originally, denim clothing was only made for workwear because of its toughness. As time went on, denim caught on as a fashion item that people wore casually.

A real staple of the workwear look is raw denim. Raw denim refers to denim that has not been pre-washed and it’s usually dyed with indigo to give it it’s deep blue wash.

Over the years a pair of raw denim jeans has become a defining piece of workwear outfits. Not only do raw denim jeans look cool but they are tough as nails and can last you many years of wear.

Another workwear fundamental is the denim jacket. A nice quality denim jacket is a must have for the fall and spring. But in the winter you are going to want to wear a denim jacket lined with sherpa to get you through the coldest months.

Don’t Be Afraid to Layer And Accessorize


Layering sweaters, shirts and jackets is an essential part of nailing the workwear aesthetic.

Good examples of layering are wearing a white t-shirt under a chambray button down shirt and topping it off with your favorite field jacket. Or sporting a light colored waffle knit sweater under a dark denim jacket.

Don’t forget about accessories. Leather goods such as belts and gloves all work towards the look. For hats you are going to want to stick to knitted beanies in neutral colors.



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