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Studs – Spring 2013, still in fashion

Fashionistas have come to realise just how great studs and spikes can make anything from a pair of court shoes to a leather jacket look – bags, tops, hats, boots, you name it – studs are everywhere this season and boy, don’t they make a great fashion statement.

Studded Shoes

There are some amazing styles around, court shoes decorated with studs, studded ballerinas and smoking slippers with the perfect finishing touch – which are of course, ‘studs’ neatly placed on toes and heels. Splendid brogues embellished with studs look brilliant with dresses or jeans for that perfect casual look.

Studded Shoes

Rock Chic Look

This season, the ‘rock chic’ look is one that you can achieve by accessorising your look with even more studs! A studded scarf adds a naughty girl look to even the most feminine one. Leather jackets and studs are the perfect match – shoulders embellished not only with studs but spikes too, are a huge trend.

You don’t have to go over the top with a rock chic look, you can achieve a more subtle one by just wearing a great pair of studded ankle boots – there’s a great choice of them around this season. For that pure ‘rock chic’ look, stay with black and darker colours but throw in a neon scarf to brighten everything up. Leather, satin and velvet are brilliant rock chic fabrics to wear and all look brilliant with stud embellishments on them.

Rock Chic Look

Warm Weather Means Studded Shorts

As the weather warms up, out come the shorts, dresses and shorter skirts. Studded ballerina shoes look great with summer outfits – but then so do studded gladiator strappy sandals or kitten heel pumps which are a great choice when you want to create a summer look.

Go Sporty With Studs

If you want to create a sporty look, there are some great sneakers and flats around that have great stud embellishments. The best part is you can wear them with just about anything and they look brilliant. This season, converse shoes are a great trend which makes it fun putting a look together and helps you make a very personal fashion statement.

Go Sporty With Studs

Evenings Out with Studs

Studs aren’t just for daytime wear – there are some great jackets, dresses, skirts and trousers with studs and spike embellishments and the best part is they can be worn for an evening out on the town. Flouncy dresses made out of exotic gauzy fabrics look great with high heel studded court shoes – for a wilder, carefree look, choose a velvet outfit embellished with delicate studs and then finish the look off with high boots with studded heels.

Studs are Here to Stay

For the coming season, we’re going to see studs everywhere – shoes, bags, scarves, belts and even sunglasses will boast studs and spike embellishments. Day wear, casual sleek and evening time outfits that make a statement will appear on the streets, boulevards, clubs and bars as ladies don their favourite outfits – with a stud or two on them.

Written by: Natasha Brown – a bubbly fashionista who loves to travel and world to spot new trends and then blog about it. She is currently in love with Moda in Pelle’s spring flat shoes collection.

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