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Spring 2013 Fashion Color Trends

2013 Color Trends

With the new year all around us we have the unique chance to experience new horizons and trends as life goes on. Colors change in irregular patterns in the fashion world and this year will be no exception. According to the predictions of the famous Pantone Color Institute the trends of this year will be more than just about colors. Earthly textures and hues seem to be prevalent this year among the usual favorites according to where the market and stylists are going at the moment.

Much like you can breathe new life into your home by repainting them, you can do the same by changing the colors of your wardrobe. You will feel better, find more reasons to explore the world around you wearing these colors as a symbol of your newly found inspiration. There are many emerging colors already on the market and we will do our best to cover most of them.

Yellow is becoming very strong this spring season. The color of sunshine, lemons, little chicks and fresh dandelions is something not all of you will have the audacity to wear. It is shining, daring and bright and it attracts the looks of everyone around you. It is an expression of happiness, optimism and joy in a way only this color can bring into the world. Be brave and consider wearing something yellow this spring so you can express the renewal of the new year.

White is a favorite of many, but this year we see many new implementations of the color in wide blouses, pants and others set in curious designs. The patterns we see this year with this universal color are mostly focused around classic solutions through new forms and decisions while still within the sphere of the unusual.

Green: As we mentioned above, the earthly tones are making an entrance with so many lovely hues of green such as forest green, sea foam green, spearmint green and more. Perfect for a spring sundress, vibrant green dresses or clothes for club goers and more. Green hues and alterations will definitely be a main theme well into the summer season as is evident by what the market has to offer right now.

Red: Making a flaming entrance this year with the works of Proenza Schouler, Ralph Lauren and more, red is back in a way that will sweep you off your feet. Whether it is red-and-black tartan, Gothic dresses, Steampunk almost Victorian suits held in the same colors you will see for yourself that red is sexy as ever.

Purple: The color of kings, monarchs and nobility in general – it comes back alongside the typical pastel colors of this season. Violet and satin dresses, stylish suits and suave hats can also be seen as part of what the stylists have to offer as the year rolls on.

What we see this year will mostly be variations of many pastel tones. The fashion industry is bringing in new and fresh ideas into the fold as perhaps the new year of the Chinese zodiac has influenced their artistic genius.

Black is one such color, the color of the Year of the Snake – 2013. It is both universal and powerful, the color of night, space, the darkness of the ocean depths and of both chastity and sin. It is present in many new designs both stylish and gorgeous.

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