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Sir Tom Jones Sparks Pension Fashion Resurrection

It’s not unusual to see Sir Tom Jones set off trends in fashion, after all Las Vegas chic is to Sir Tom what Rock and Roll is to Elvis. However when sales of tight fitting men’s suits started sharply increasing in the +60 market for men, many asked why. Well being a judge on The Voice, Sir Tom Jones has always rejected casual wear in favour of exquisite double breasted suits that make the Welsh superstar look quite debonair. The Voice is a strange mix of Idol with competitive judges who instead of simply sit back and critique actually get involved and vie for the attention of potential songbirds. While the show seems to be failing in the ratings department, the fact is Sir Tom Jones has become quite an important fixture of the show and his success is its success.

sir tom jones

Sir Tom and Social Media

Sir Tom Jones isn’t shy; YouTube and Twitter are both social media items he uses without reservation and that happens to be admirable for a man turning seventy-two this year. The confidence and insight he brings to The Voice has struck a nerve with men of a similar age and just as Don Draper of Mad Men has been influencing men’s fashion for people of his age, the net worth of Sir Tom Jones to fashion at his age has been remarkable. A respected fashion buyer remarked that Sir Tom Jones is inspiring pensioners to throw away their slippers and matching pipe and don suits to become ‘sex bombs.’

Sir Tom’s Style is a British Gift

While all this may not come as a surprise to us, it’s news to Sir Tom Jones that he has such pull with men of his age. He notes that it is somewhat of a homecoming present since few people realise that Sir Tom Jones is in fact Welsh although he made his name as a Las Vegas performer and has adopted somewhat of an American accent in his appearance in US films and television. It’s humbling to think that even being knighted, it was only when he started becoming a fashion role model to his fellow countrymen that Sir Tom felt welcomed back into the UK.

Sir Tom has Real Fashion Influence

With a 20% increase in sales of older men’s fashion suits and a peak in logins to fashion retailers during broadcasting of The Voice, the influence is less speculative and more statistically measurable. Sir Tom Jones is often on Twitter communicating with fans and his down to earth yet dashing character is what makes emulating him most attractive for men his age if you were to ask me. Men after retirement have often had a singular fashion style, but now fashion tips will stop being circulated at bowls clubs and the catwalk may now have a great effect on retirees. An entrepreneur would now find an opportunity to specialise in bringing Sir Tom Jones’ fashion sense to those older men looking to emulate it; if that hasn’t already happened.

Eugene Calvini is a writer and fashion enthusiast most often seen in mens formal shirts at fashion shows in London; his passion for fashion is something he enjoys sharing.


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