How to side hustle in college

side hustle

How to Side Hustle in College

As the price of college in the US continues to increase, it’s no surprise that you’re thinking of ways to get some extra cash on the side. Who doesn’t like a little extra to spend on new clothes and activities with friends? Or maybe there’s some equipment you need for a class that has to come out of your pocket.

On average, students attending an in-state college are spending an average of $25,290 per year. This includes tuition, fees, room, and board as well as things like school supplies, snacks, and social outings. It’s simple to wait to pay off any loans you borrow until after graduation, but what if you could have little to no debt by that time?

There are some pretty simple and fun ways to earn extra money to pay for your social life or beginning paying down those loans. Here are just a few ideas to get you started (side hustle).

Participate in Studies

Most colleges have some research departments who are looking for participants, so you don’t have to go far to make some extra money. Most studies don’t pay much, but you’ll be giving back to society by participating.  If your college doesn’t offer paid opportunities to participate in research studies, a quick google search can provide you with several other options.


side hustle

Have you ever gotten an outstanding grade in a class or have a firm grasp on a particular subject? If English is your native language, and you have a Bachelors degree, you can teach kids online for over $20 an hour. That can pay off! Tutoring is another side hustle that isn’t far from where you likely already spent a decent amount of time.

People are willing to pay $12-20 an hour for tutoring services, if not more. You can set base rates on the level of the class you’re tutoring or the difficulty of the material. Another option is to go to your college’s tutoring center and see if they’re hiring in the subjects you’re skilled in.

Sell Clothes

If you have more clothes than you can handle or just haven’t worn something in a while, consider selling them to a second-hand store. You probably won’t become the next Girlboss, but this is one way to get quick cash.

Stores that buy second-hand clothes usually only take items that are name brand and in excellent condition. Don’t expect to get anywhere near what you paid for the item, but a few dollars for a pair of jeans is a good deal. You can take your things to multiple stores to see who will give you the most per item.

Sell Jewelry

side hustle

Is there a necklace that you haven’t worn in a while that’s of good quality? In addition to selling clothes you don’t wear anymore, you can sell your jewelry in New York. Even if you don’t live in New York, you can send your item to get a quote. You’ll get the item back if you decide the amount is lower than you’re willing to sell it for.

This type of selling is reserved for jewelry and watches of considerable value; not the kind you may have gotten at Claire’s or picked up at another mall store. Precious stones, gold, or other metals is what companies like this Truval are looking for. Before you sell jewelry of this caliber, think long and hard about whether you’re ok parting with it. Once it’s gone, you won’t get it back.

Use Your Car

Companies like Uber and Lyft have become increasingly popular as side gigs to make extra money. On average, people who work for these companies as contractors (i.e., a driver) have a median income of $70-$210 a month. If anything, this can help put gas in your car each month.

These are great options if you are a people person and know your local area well. For those who prefer not to have other humans in their car, you can deliver food through apps like Postmates and UberEATS. Some services even offer the opportunity for you to pick up and deliver groceries to someone.

A cool feature of these apps is you can do it anywhere! Whether you’re near campus during the school year or home for breaks, you can still pull in that extra dough driving people or their food around town.

Care for Pets

Do you miss your dog or cat back home? Get your pet fix by caring for others while they are away. You can build a referral network through friends who are locals to the city where you’re studying or use a website like

side hustle

You can set your own parameters when it comes to which pet sitting jobs you’ll accept. Some pet owners request that caretakers stay overnight in their homes, so you’ll need to determine if that is something you’re comfortable with or not. Pet owners are willing to pay up to $50 a day for someone to care for their pets. You can make as much as $1,000 a month.

Another pet-care-based option is dog walking. For students who have a break in the middle of their day, that gap can be filled with a walk. Not only will you get compensated for walking someone’s dog, but you’ll also get some exercise yourself. It’s a win-win!

This is just the beginning of some ways to side hustle in college. If you find you have even more extra time, try doing a few simultaneously to really cash in. Be sure to budget time accordingly, so your studies don’t start to slip, because what’s it all worth if you don’t make it to graduation?



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