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Shopping Online for Men’s Shirts – 3 Different Fit Types

Online shopping for clothes has been gaining momentum these days. Of all the clothes items, shirts are the most commonly bought item online. Dress shirts commonly known as shirts are those garments that have a collar, full sleeves and are fastened with buttons in the front. Dress shirts are the wardrobe staples that have undergone a rapid transition from being an undergarment in the previous decades to a fashionable and trendy garment. The dress shirts that are sold online are made with the natural fibers like the cotton or Egyptian Giza cotton.
To make an every lasting impression, shirts can be accompanied with a jacket and a tie for the formal occasions. Formal dress shirts are the most preferred ones for professional meetings and even for those attending interviews. Formal shirts are available online in many shades and patterns including those in solids, plains, stripes and checked designs to name a few. Cut away collars and button down shirts are the predominant collar designs that are gaining acceptance by fashion conscious men and are easily available in many popular online apparel brands. Apart from this, the fabrics of the shirts are the main contributors while accounting for the quality of the shirts. However, when one shops for shirts either online or in retail outlets, fit is the most important factor that one has to consider and ironically it’s also the most neglected one. Shirts look absolutely stunning when they fit well and flatter your body. Below are the 3 different types of fits that are available in men’s formal dress shirts.

Tailored: The biggest problem with the off the rack clothes is the size as they don’t fit well. There is always a compromise that men should make when you buy them from the regular brands. For the fit to be perfect it’s necessary that the shirts should fit well at the neck, chest, sleeves and shoulders. The tailored fit is best for men who do not have a standard build as the clothes are made based on the individual needs. However, few brands do offer tailored fit which is sharper than the slim fit shirts but do not match the fit like the traditional tailored shirts.

Regular fit: As the name suggests, the shirts that are labeled as the regular fit are standard sizes. They aren’t the exact fit based on your body type and don’t flatter as much as they should. The regular fit shirts have a few inches of fabrics more at the chest and the waist. Further, there is a difference at the waist when compared with the slimmer fits. The design and the cuts are not deeper at the waist, like the ones that are cut in slim fits. As many men above the age of 35 years prefer to wear the regular fit, they are available in many shades including the most popular colors like the white and the lighter tones in the blue shades.

Slim fit: Any garment that is closer to the body is referred to as the slim fit. It’s the same with the dress shirts. Usually, slim fit shirts sold online are available in formal shirts rather than in the casual shirts, as casual shirts tend to be designed for a relaxed wear. In the slim fit shirts, there isn’t any loose or bagginess at the chest or the waist. Men who are fashion conscious and are ready flaunt the style prefer slimmer cuts. It is widely seen that men in early 20s and late 30s opt for slim fit shirts. The slim fit size is equivalent to the better fit and is manufactured by many brands like Gap, Brooks Brothers and Peprismine. Shirts with stripes, checks, plains and solids are available in the slim fit category.


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