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Ring the Changes this Winter with Luxury Pearl Rings

It’s all about finding your own sense of style when it comes to the jewellery that you wear, so I’ve realized that sometimes it makes sense to break the mold and wear luxury jewellery that makes a statement. A classic and particularly beautiful style of luxury jewellery that is set for a big winter is pearl rings. You could certainly revolutionize your jewellery box with some of the eye-catching pearl rings below:

If you are thinking about buying pearl gifts for someone special this Christmas, a dazzling grey Tahitian pearl and diamond ring would be an ideal choice. Elegant, timeless and utterly enchanting, these pearl rings are perfect for those women who want to add some contemporary style to their winter jewellery.

Statement rings such as these are ever more popular, combining a love of pearls with some eye-catchingly gorgeous jewellery that could be worn in the evening or a special occasion. Whether you receive one as an anniversary gift, birthday or Christmas present, it will most certainly be a piece of jewellery that you treasure for a lifetime.

Pearls are one of the world’s most luxurious jewels and when they are used to craft unique pieces like the ring below, with its light-aubergine pearl and pink sapphire gemstone, it’s easy to see why their popularity has been so enduring. Whilst doubtlessly understated in nature, pearls positively demand your attention and they are the perfect accessory to more or less any outfit but, of course, will look best with your best formal wear.


Pearl rings are a fabulous piece of jewellery to wear all year round, but with Christmas fast approaching you can be sure that exceptional pieces like the stunning pearl rings above are going to find their way in to a number of luxury jewellery boxes this winter.

All images are copyright and have been used with permission of Winterson Pearl Jewellery.


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