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Restoring Your Skin after Childbirth

In order to experience the joys of having a baby, you have to make a few sacrifices. One of them comes in the condition of your skin. Your growing baby is liable to cause stretch marks, even if you make an effort to reduce or avoid them. Combine this with a general dullness and dryness on the surface, and you can see why so many moms turn to muumuus and pony tails. The tips below should help you restore your skin after childbirth so you can start feeling better about yourself. The more confident you are, the better parent you’ll be.

skin after childbirth

Drink Water

Your skin needs to stay hydrated in order to look its best. Hopefully you got in a routine of drinking a lot when you were pregnant, so all you have to do now is follow through with the habit. Try to take in about eight glasses of water a day, and avoid sugary drinks that dull your skin. This circulatory boost alone should do wonders for the way you look.

Try Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a process that removes skin cells from the surface and allows new ones to form. You can use this on your face, belly, and any other trouble areas you want, and it will make a big difference in the way you look. The skin that grows back will be completely new, so you may actually feel as soft as your newborn baby. Lucky for you, you can give yourself microdermabrasion at home.

 Use Moisturizers

If you don’t have time to put on a ton of makeup, you at least need to apply moisturizer to your face. Try to get something with built-in sun block for those special moments in the park with your newborn. It only takes a few seconds to wipe some of this on your face, and it can make a world of difference. Eventually, people will ask how on earth you’ve managed to look so good.

Rest (When Possible)

Finding time to sleep with a newborn is downright impossible. If you’re lucky enough to have a child that sleeps throughout the night, take advantage of that time. Otherwise, nap when she naps. Rest when she plays in the play pin. Snooze when the babysitter is over. Find some sort of time to get the sleep you need for your body to restore your skin. You will naturally look better when you increase the amount of quality rest you get.

Follow the tips above, and you will be the best looking mom on the block. Have fun!

About the Author: Margie Winston is a mom of four who just had her youngest child three months ago. She has been working with the Riiviva Microderm to reduce her stretch marks and nourish her skin, getting back to the glow she once had.


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