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Do Protein Shakes Cause Acne?

Protein Shakes

Shakes are simply essential when it comes to losing weight. They are great substitutions for a snack between takes. Also, such a way of helping your fitness can really enhance slim features, especially, when you use it in proper proportions and combine with healthy eating and daily training.

Some customers, however, complain about breakouts after consuming shakes. The flavor can be slightly artificial, which leads to allergies. Others might say that although a shake is supposed to be a healthy substitution, the amount of sugar leads to redness and swollen face.

The thing you have to understand is that quality of the shake depends on the brand, on the list of ingredients and your personal “compatibility”. That is why some of us might eat a Snickers bar and feel amazing, others might drink a light shake and get acne. Pimples may appear over and over if we consume a crazy amount of carbs. That is why when we eat a lot of Chipotle, we often get breakouts. Fries (potatoes in general), pizza, pastry, coke, and syrup contain generous amounts of carbohydrates.

But, that doesn’t mean the fact we have to exclude them from our daily ration. Shakes are full of carbs, too. Just look at the list in Arbonne shake. The amount of ‘pimple causers’ is so small, that it can hardly damage our face at all.

Soy is one more problem when it comes to healthy nutrition. Yes, just like carbs, it is essential for our body. Soy is needed for our hormone system, but the amount of soy we consume must be strictly prescribed.  Nutritionists recommend avoiding soy lecithin in meals, as it serves as a bad addition and preservative. So be sure your nutrients don’t contain soy as a preservative!

What is protein?

It’s a pure concentrate that can be synthesized in several ways from several products. Quality sports nutrition is made from natural raw materials. In the minds of ignorant people, any sport is associated with steroids. But the protein has nothing in common with them and other chemicals, from which, acne appears together with muscles. Correctly chosen dosage and type of product, correlated with the quantity and quality of food, will ensure harmonious assimilation. Thanks to this, the proteins will go where they are supposed to go and no harm will be caused.

But gainers and dry powders are not food. Therefore, you can not replace ordinary meals with them. And the dieting itself should be selected carefully, taking the substances coming with cocktails into account. The excess amount of any trace elements can lead to malfunctions in the digestive and excretory systems. And this is already fraught with pimples, allergic reactions, nausea, even more serious, consequences.

  • Consult with your doctor about the need for additional nutrients that support the work of the liver, enzymes, lactobacilli.
  • In case of an allergic reaction to soy, try replacing it by choosing a different type of cocktail or protein.
  • Acquire a sports drink of famous brands and only among proven people. Do not take risks by trying out cheaper or less familiar ones.

Coming back to our question, shakes do not contain elements that can arise the problem, but the diet and additional nutrients MUST BE chosen carefully.



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