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Professional Women Clothes to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

Professional Women Clothes

Dressing professionally can be a challenge during the summer days. When the heat gets up to over 80 degrees, and the humidity is high traditional business dress can really be a drag. Whether you are or a male or female professional, trying to figure out how to look good and fit in with the business profile, and wear something that’s going to be comfortable in the heat can be a challenge.

Regardless of which region you live in, there are things that you can do when the heat index rises to be able to deal with looking good and being hot. The challenge is not when you’re in an air-conditioned are, the challenge is what you get outside whether you’re doing sales calls, or meeting people in the general public.

Remember that your dress sends silent messages to others. It is your visual image that people tend to notice first when forming impressions of you. Make sure your summer fashion is credible and polished to attract more clients and gain greater career growth. Here are some tips that women can follow to look professional, but still stay cool in the heat of the summer.

Light Color Dresses


For starters, wear a professional solid color dress with an open-weave sweater as a jacket or opt for a dressy cotton blouse, and work skirt worn at the knee area. A dress or skirt is always cooler than wearing a pantsuit. Its pure physics, you’re able to get a cooler draft from the opening in the dress or the skirt. Remember that a light to medium color is always more professional than a dress or skirt in a bold, wild print. And, where lighter colors because the white reflects heat were dark attracts heat.

Wear Natural Fabrics

Consider the material that you’re wearing. Select blouses made out of the natural fabrics like cotton, silk or linen. Linen and cotton are great choices for the summer because they are natural fibers and they breathe nicely. You want to make sure you are wearing something that can transfer in a wick away the moisture. Looser fitting fabrics also allow the air to circulate and are cooler than tight fitting fabrics.

Professional Women Clothes

When you also add a lower stylish neckline like a v-neck, scoop neck, or square neckline you will avoid having anything up by your neck, allowing more airflow. However, be cautious that you do not bare too much skin or cleavage. Conservative is the key, make sure you’re wearing something for work, not for dinner.

The same thing goes for jackets. If you have to wear a jacket, again, use a jacket that has natural fibers in it so that it is cool, and gets good airflow. Then it works great although it may wrinkle. If you pick a color that’s neutral, you can use the same jacket over an overweight different tops.

Wearing Pantyhose

If you do have to wear hose at work, there are things you can do. Here are a few shortcuts to keeping cool if your dress code at work requires hosiery. Try wearing dress trousers with knee-hi hosiery, or select a dress or skirt which, when worn with hosiery will be cooler than a pantsuit. Remember, you don’t need to wear hose that gold all the way up.

When choosing footwear, some of the same concepts will apply. The lighter the color the shoe, the cooler it will be. Take shoes that have open until, or are more strapped like. Of course, you need to make sure you pick something that makes sense for the office, but the more air that you can get flowing through the shoes the cooler you will be.

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