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‘You’ve Got this Coach!’: Friend Convinces Mitchell Royèl to Reverse Cancellation of ELIXIR Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

ELIXIR by Royèl competitively stands to be the most popular self-help zine for Gen Z in the world. The zine creatively features recycled photography and themed open letters from influencers who reside all over the world.


On March 28th Mitchell Royèl revealed that up until he received a last-minute call from a friend, he was planning on putting his popular zine ELIXIR by Royèl on an indefinite hiatus because of concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic. His friend offered Royèl last-minute encouragement amid the mass hysteria saying:

“The game’s not over yet. We can still win this. We still have plays. Defeat is not an option so let’s get busy and keep fighting. Don’t quit now! ELIXIR by Royèl is changing the world. There are so many creative artists that thrive on the connection they have as part of this community. Stay, strong! You’ve got this coach!”.

There is a famous quote that says: ”Everyone deserves a chance to show their worth. We can’t control each others’ choices, but I believe we have to be able to talk openly about our needs and wants”. This can actually be achieved thanks to ELIXIR, which changes people’s lives. Creative artists that thrive on the connection they have as part of the ELIXIR community.

With that said, the next issue of ELIXIR by Royèl will be released in May at

About Mitchell Royèl:

Mitchell Royèl is a multi-talented personality and performance artist. Royèl has his finger on the pulse of today’s culture. Royèl’s followers are routinely treated to a plethora of uplifting and inspirational quotes, which help them to bring their vision for the future into the present moment.


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