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Men’s Fashion Trends For 2012

This year’s men’s fashion is a mix of bright colours, styles and cuts that leave men with more clothing options than ever. With designs having flashbacks to retro era’s (mostly in shirts and prints) and others looking forward to the future, 2012’s men’s fashion line is interesting, colourful and most definitely lots of fun for the man bold enough to pull it off.

Pastels Are For Men

Pastels are traditionally a feminine colour but this year; fashion designers around the world have decided it’s time for a change. Men’s pants, button-down shirts and t-shirts have been released in every shade from white to mint green, all pastels that are traditionally seen on women. Surprisingly enough, the cuts are bold and masculine as ever, which leaves every man plenty of room to try out new colours without feeling effeminate.  Pastel colours such as mint green, grey, light blue and even pink are incredibly popular for men’s fashion this year. If you aren’t certain about any of these colours, I recommend that you try a few shirts on in the dressing room and decide what you look good wearing in front of a mirror. If you don’t think you look silly, but the shirt and wear it. Men this year are being advised to go bold with colours and you don’t want to be missing out!

pastels for men

Bring On the Prints

Another great thing about this year’s fashion trends for men is that they are full of bold prints. Everything from polka dots on rich sapphire button-down shirts to paisley or even flower prints on pastel t-shirts are hip and in fashion. If you aren’t ready to try out the normally feminine prints just yet, you can always opt for a slightly more masculine print on a grey or white shirt. This isn’t quite as fashionable, but it won’t leave you looking out of fashion either. Flag prints are also extremely popular right now. Anything in red, white and blue, whether it’s the British Flag or the American Flag, is currently incredibly fashionable for both men and women to wear.

Scarves Are Cool

European style is in and that means scarves, scarves, scarves. Everything from flag prints to flower prints is fashionable for 2012 just as long as they are bold. The great thing about scarves is that you can wear one with last year’s wardrobe, and likely no one will notice the difference. Scarves are a hip way to keep up with fashions without spending a lot of money. If you’ve never worn a scarf before, try wrapping the fabric once around your neck and flipping the ends over your shoulder for a cool, summer look.

Coloured Denim

If you’re wearing a plain shirt, you can definitely get away with wearing coloured denim. Colours ranging from burgundy to cool mint greens are all the rage for men’s and women’s jeans. These coloured jeans are usually a little tighter than your average pair, so if you aren’t prepared to be noticed, you might want to skip this fashion trend.

Designer Clothing

Usually most designer clothing will be in keeping up with the trends. If you can find it on a designer rack, then it’s most likely a great choice. Remember that pastel colours, prints and patterns and bright, bold colours are all in fashion. If you love colour or just want to look stylish, now is your chance to rock your favourite shades.

A good tip for anyone wearing colourful shirts is to pair it with a simple black or blue pair of jeans in order to avoid looking like you stepped out of the 1980’s.

If you want to buy designer men’s clothes, you should consider buying it online where less people from your area are likely to have shopped!


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