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Men’s Autumn and Winter Fashion Highlights for 2012

Who said that men’s fashion is less intriguing than the trends targeting ladies? The world of male fashion is just as diversified and some interesting developments can be expected in winter 2012. Have you taken a look at the local shopping outlet and do you know what is hot when it comes to men’s fashion?


Men’s jeans can be sexy, comfortable or very trendy. In the autumn of 2012, jeans for gentlemen will be taken back to basics.

Straight, traditional denim is going to be exceptionally fashionable in the winter. Vintage jeans would be another great option for the fashion-conscious gentleman. Major brands have all added very light coloured straight jeans to their collections and such trousers are equally suitable for a weekend out of town and for a casual event.

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Leather is Back!

Leather accessories have eternal appeal and they rightfully rank among the hottest fashion items for men in autumn/winter season 2012. The traditional, hot leather jacket is back and it looks as fierce as always.
Men who lack at least one classical leather jacket in their closet should instantly get one. The rocker chic of the 1990s is the perfect way to show a masculine, yet classy side. Leather bags will be tremendously hot, as well.
Although fur is atypical for men’s fashion, it was an interesting addition to various collections. Major brands like Prada added some furry elements to the outfits. Even men who oppose fur can benefit from the trend by getting faux-fur accessories and adding texture to their outfits.

Neutral Colours

Neutral colours are typical for clothes that are worn in the cold months. Dark neutrals will be very suitable for the upcoming winter season.

Dark, rich navy blue can be named The Colour of winter 2012. Layering it with other pieces in neutral colour will create some visual interest, despite the lack of patterns and textures. Sometimes, simplicity can achieve much more than the use of abstract and eye catching trendy clothes or accessories.

Military Style

This winter will be the season of military style. The colours and the patterns are going to be rather appropriate.
Although created for practical purposes, military clothes have entered the world of high fashion. There is something really masculine and irresistible about the uniform and top designers took that element and evolved it.
Different shades of green are the key to adopting the military style. Functional outwear that is embellished with military elements will be a great addition to every guy’s wardrobe this winter.

Turtlenecks: A Basic Necessity

Steve Mcqueen’s autumn/winter 2012 collection used the men’s turtleneck cleverly to achieve layering. A basic and simple turtleneck can be the starting point of a great fashion statement.

A basic high-necked sweater is a must for the winter. A vest or a shirt can be added on top to increase the visual appeal of the outfit and to spice it up. All kinds of combinations are acceptable, as long as simplicity and boring minimalism are taken out of the equation.
Men’s winter 2012 fashion will be seeing the return of some favourites from the past. Straight jeans, turtleneck sweaters and neutral colours will all work together for the creation of sophisticated and exceptionally practical outfits for men.

This article has been written by Zack Worthington regarding Fashion Insights.


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