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Every lady must understand that our hips/ butts have different shapes and sizes from others. One should know the kind of thongs they should try and get rid of those unflattering panties, but they don’t know how to do it. Every lady keeps looking for different and beautiful designs in bras for them, but it is high time that they should look for thongs as well. Thongs are equally important as your bra every lady should know.

It is important to pick one in which you feel comfortable. There are so many options available and it is not easy to choose from. Let’s find out why thongs every lady should try and must have in their underwear collection.

The best thing about thongs is that they are made for very minimal coverage, which avoids those visible panty lines. They are made for everyone. They come in many fabrics, like cotton, silk, lace, etc. One can wear them on a daily basis and their special occasions as well. If you are looking for one of the best options for seamless underwear beneath your dress, leggings or any tight pants, then thongs are just one of the best options.

These days yoga or workout clothes are very in and people prefer wearing thongs under their yoga or workout clothes to avoid visible panty lines. It stays in place once you wear them and make your move easier. When you wear to try thong, they make you feel sexy as well. They just have a string on your butts and also, they show more skin, that’s why they look sexier. Your partner will feel happy if you’ll choose to wear thongs over panties because of the way they look.


Wearing thongs are one of the most comfortable underwear amongst all those available in the market. One will obviously look for sexy and comfortable underwear for them and thongs are the combination of both and they give you the confidence of wearing any clothes over them and you can surely pull your dress over.

Generally, we have three kinds of thongs available in the market and those are the traditional, the tanga and the G-string:

Traditional thongs– The traditional have full coverage in the front with a wide waistband and a strip that is glided between the buttocks.

G-string thongs– A G-string is that thong which has a very narrow waistband and it has a very small triangular shaped fabric in the front and it gives a very sexy look. They are best for yoga and workout clothes.

Tanga thongs– A tanga thong is one of the most common thongs. They typically have fabric that covers almost half of the butts and leaves the little bottom of butts exposed. It has generally thick waistband and lots of front covers.

One should surely try one of these thongs to complete their underwear collection and the best thing about thongs is that they give you confidence because of no visible panty lines. Thongs are available in different fabrics and colors, these days. One can choose a color and fabric according to their dress to pull off their dress the best. Choose the best one for you.

Good Luck!


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