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The traditional Irish Claddagh represents love, loyalty, and friendship

Claddagh rings

Rings can talk. They can convey the hidden messages. The Claddagh rings might be called the talking rings just because they convey your marital status.

The ring is beautifully designed. It is created with such elegance that it represents love, friendship and royalty.

The ring is in a design where two hands firm a heart and it is crowned by a small crown.

Here such symbols indicate the love (heart shape), friendship (the hands that form the heart and the royalty (the small crown).

The way the Claddagh ring is worn indicates the marital status. It either conveys that one is in a serious relation or it says that one is ready to be in relations. Sometimes it might convey that one is single and happy and is not ready for commitment. All this depends upon the way of wearing the ring.

According to old customs and traditions, if the ring is worn on the right hand and the heart is facing outwards or away from body it means that the person who owns the ring is not in any serious relationship. Most probably they are single and are ready for a commitment. It indicates an open heart.

If worn on the same right hand but the heart is facing the body and is inwards that indicates that their heart is ruled by someone. It clearly shows someone has captured their heart.

The same ring if worn on the left hand and is worn in way that heart faces outwards is a symbol that the owner is tied into engagement. When the ring is on the left hand ring finger and facing inward toward the body, it generally means that the person wearing the ring is married.



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