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If Your Handbag Holds Your Whole Life, Choose the Right One

If Your Handbag Holds Your Whole Life, Choose the Right One

For many women, their handbags contain pretty much their whole world. All the essentials are kept in your handbag, including:

o    Money and bank cards
o    Driving license and other identification cards
o    Car keys and house keys
o    Beauty and hygiene essentials (i.e. make-up, hair brushes etc.)
o    Phones and pagers
o    Glasses and sunglasses
o    Medicine (i.e. painkillers, prescription medication)
o    Umbrella
o    Pens and pencils

Without a reliable place to store all of these items, you could end up locked out of your house or car, out of cash when you really need it or even unable to see (if you don’t have your glasses with you). This is why a sturdy, spacious and stylish everyday handbag is a must.

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What to look for in an everyday handbag

There are several things you should look for in the ideal handbag for everyday use. For example, look for:

It goes without saying that your new bag needs to be spacious, if you have all of the above essentials to carry with you

Durability and strength

You may end up putting your handbag through a lot, so it needs to be up to the job. Choose one that is made of high quality material and which has reinforced handles or straps, even if you have to pay a little more for it.

Pockets and zips

It is often easier to find things in your handbag if you have a designated place for everything. This is why you need a bag with zip or button up pockets, so that everything stays where it should and you don’t end up rummaging around to find something in the main body of the bag.


Just because your new bag is practical and spacious, it doesn’t mean that it can’t also be stylish. If you want to use it every day (and you do, or you will end up moving items from bag to bag every morning), you need a handbag that will go with most of your outfits. Black, brown or cream handbags go with most looks, as do clean, classic styles.

Further tips for choosing a new handbag

When picking out a new handbag, keep the following in mind:

o    Choose a handbag that fastens properly, so as to secure its contents from light-fingered passers-by
o    Go for a bag that complements your body shape. Tall people should go for bigger bags, but larger bags may overwhelm people with petite frames.
o    If you have extra money to spend on a handbag, spend it. You are more likely to get a better quality bag if you splash the cash (although not always)

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