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How to Throw a Cheap Halloween Party

Halloween is a fun holiday: people get to dress up as whatever they want, there’s pumpkin carving, and kids get to fill their bellies with sweets. However, it’s not necessarily the kind of holiday you want to empty your pockets over, especially with Christmas/ Kwanza/ Hanukkah just around the corner.  So to ensure you have a fun-filled, but still cheap Halloween here are some great DIY decor ideas if you’re planning on throwing a fancy dress party.


A good punch is always a good way to provide drinks at a party because then people can just refill their own glasses instead of you having to run around like a headless chicken making sure everyone’s got a drink. A punch is also so easy to decorate for Halloween and can be a great centrepiece for a party.

Halloween Party

You could carve out a large pumpkin and place the punch bowl inside it, preferably a red coloured punch just to fit the theme. A fun trick I learned from a friend was to fill a surgeon’s glove with water and whatever colour dye you want (black and red work well) and then freeze it, and you have an ice-hand to put in the punch! It’s creepy decor and it’ll keep the punch cool.

You could also draw up your own wine bottle labels if that’s what you’re planning on serving; something creepy like “Dracula Juice” or “Zombie Blood” is sure to grab your guest’s attention.


Guacamole is a staple at most parties as it’s so easy to make and most people love it. So whip some up and spread it along a narrow plate with a small pumpkin at one end that you’ve carved to look like sick – it’ll look like the pumpkin is vomiting guacamole.

Cookies shaped like ghosts or bats or witches hats are fun and easy to make if you have or can make the right cookie-cutters. If you have kids they’ll love decorating them with icing too.


Cut out and paint pieces of cardboard to look like tombstones and then place them haphazardly in your front garden. Paint cobwebs in the corners to make them look old.

I know helium balloons aren’t exactly DIY, but when you get a white sheet and some black paint and turn the balloons into hovering ghosts they become creepy party guests!

Lastly, scattering Autumn  leaves (easily collected from your garden) across any your kitchen table or white gloss TV unit will bring more autumn colours into your home and who doesn’t love some free decor?

What are some of your favourite Halloween or autumn decor ideas?

Estelle Page is an interior decorator who loves getting into any holiday spirit that allows her to go all out decorating her home. She recommends AV4Home for your living room.


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