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How To Look Stunning When Pregnant

Tips To Help You Look Good When You Are Pregnant

The words of Coco Chanel a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous do not only apply to size zero models, those on the runway or the college girl in her teens. You can look classy and stunning and the little bump should enhance you not limit you. Women go through a myriad of emotional and physical changes when they are pregnant, the result is a variety of moods most of them exasperating.

Nothing puts a smile on a girls face and rids the dark clouds like some good shopping and jewelry. It is not materialistic it is the truth, plain facts. Therefore, there should be nothing plain about you even if you are heavy with child. Find out how you can awe yourself and the crowd every time you step out of the door.

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Acknowledge your body change

The best thing you can do for yourself and your wardrobe when pregnant is simply admit that your body is not what it used to be. Most people view this as a bad thing whereas it is not. Get to enjoy your new body, the fuller hips and the bigger bust line are here for a season so maximize on them. If it pains you so much to look at your old collection, close up that wardrobe and get a new one, literally.

The temptation to wear that little black dress or the red clingy velvet is particularly overwhelming during the first few months when the bump is not as visible. Despite the fact that it is not that huge just yet does not mean you can worm your way into the tight clothing you loved. No matter how small the bump at the end of the day you proportions have changed. You will look awkward and frustrated at the end of the day after everyone makes those snide little comments and you do not feel as beautiful.

As fashion icon Tim Gunn says, the key to dressing to look fabulous no matter your size, height or pregnancy is silhouette, proportion and fit. Show off your curves; get dressing that is proportional to your body and what fits just right. It sounds easy but it is not. The temptation usually is to get something you thing looks nice or lovely on your friend. The question is how will it fit you, is it proportional to your body size and does it outline your figure in all the right places?

Love that bust

The key is to keep attention of your bump and draw it to your new curves and you bust. This does not mean wearing unbelievably low cut clothing; it means get clothes that cinch just below the bust. The bump will make you lose you defined waistline so create a new one just above the bump and below your bosom.

If you have never tried empire dresses then this is the time to get some. Get those that have a definite gathering below the bust then flow freely afterwards to give your tummy the breathing space it needs. If these do not appeal to you then get a lovely wrap dress whose straps go around above the tummy. They have the same effect as empire dresses only that they show off more of your curves.

Never get bulky clothing in an attempt to hide the belly. Bulky clothing does the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve. They make you look bigger and your bump even huger than it actually is. Avoid the bulky and do not be afraid to show some skin. Get your arms and legs feeling the warm sensual sun. You are still beautiful so let the world know it.

Keep bright colors away from the bump

Dark colors slim you down whereas bright colors reflect you as bigger. Keep to the dark and warm colors especially for dresses and skirts to flatter your shape. Thought he colors should be dark they should not be dull go for olive green, dark teal, maroon and dark red. Colors that though are dark have life in them.

Enjoy his warmth

There are those times when you are simply not in the mood to dress up but want to look fabulous and feel gorgeous. The trick is to wear his stuff. Fell his cologne as you walk down the streets and evoke the good memories. Pair up leggings with his shirt that will now fit you because of the lovely bump. Add a fitting jacket on top to ensure you get that silhouette just right.

This post was written by guest blogger Erica McPherson from LittleBlackDress.co.uk. Erica has written many articles to help people dress well for various occasions. Her company sells johnny loves rosie hair accessories and the best part about hair accessories is that you can wear them without any changes when you are pregnant.


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