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How to Lift Saggy Breasts – Top 5 Tips (#1 is The Most Effective)

Lift Saggy Breasts

Droopiness of the breasts can be a result of hormonal changes, age, nutritional deficiency, wrong sized bras, gravity, and a few more. But the good news here is that you can adopt various strategies for perking up your chest. So how to lift saggy breasts?

In this article, I’m going to discuss the most effective methods of making your breasts feel and look upright. But just keep one thing in mind though. That everything takes time. Your breasts aren’t going to look perky and upright overnight. The process takes time, so you’ve got to be patient and adamant.

Another fact I would like to share is that breasts are constantly fighting gravity. The larger your breast size, the higher the chances of being pulled downward. The same applies to the inevitable process of aging. That makes the breasts less dense and softer post-menopause.

Irrespective of the saggy breast cause, here’s how you can reverse these negative effects…

How to Lift Saggy Breasts?

#1 Work your chest muscles

Lift Saggy Breasts

Breasts rest on your pectoral muscles. Pectoral muscles are responsible for your arm function and strength. So does that mean female fitness enthusiasts who exercise strenuously and have strong pectoral muscles don’t have to deal with sagging breasts? Let me explain below.

Your pectoral muscles are not your breasts. Your breasts are made of fatty or glandular tissue and not muscles. So when you strengthen your pectoral muscles, this is what’s happening. The appearance of sagging breasts improves because of toning the pectoral muscles. Along with working on your muscles in the shoulders, back, and core.

Daily exercise is one of the most common answers to a frequently asked question. And that is how to stop sagging breasts naturally? When you workout daily, you’re making an effort to keep your weight in check. And when there are no fluctuations in weight, there’s no change in your breast shape.

So there’s no harm in strengthening the muscles in your chest to make your bosoms look perkier. You can try exercises like push-ups, chest pulls, chest press, and dumbbell fly. Along with planks with rotation and burpees with push-ups.

#2 Eat well

One of the best saggy breast solutions also includes a healthy, well-balanced diet. Even though the link between food and sagging breasts is weak due to the lack of hard evidence. Many health experts strongly recommend consuming lots of antioxidants for keeping your skin supple and younger-looking.  And vegetables and fruits are packed with them.

What antioxidants do is fight aging-related signs and symptoms. This includes wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging to a certain extent. Speaking of preventing aging-related signs, hydration is also a must. Drinking lots of water daily goes a long way when it comes to improving and preserving the natural elasticity of your skin.

Now that you know what to do, let me tell you what not to do. Avoid crash diets and extreme diets. When you slow down your metabolism, you’re initiating disproportionate weight loss. And when sudden weight fluctuations take place, your skin is bound to sag.

#3 Wear a proper bra

Lift Saggy Breasts

Do bras really prevent your breast ligaments from stretching out excessively? The answer is a BIG, LOUD YES! The best bra for saggy breasts does indeed contribute greatly to retaining their perkiness.

When your bra size and style are proper, your breasts look well-supported. At the same time, the correct size can also keep you feeling comfortable all day long. Irrespective of whether you have large or small breasts!

#4 Sleep on your back

Does your sleeping position really matter when it comes to minimizing signs of aging like sagging breasts? Yes, it does. Keeping that in mind, you should sleep on your back. And not on your side.

It’s because you want your chest to support all the weight of your breast tissue. This is very important when it comes to maintaining the perkiness of breasts. Instead of just letting them hang when sleeping on the side.

This might be a very uncommon answer to how to lift saggy breasts. But it actually works.

#5 Spend less time in the sun

Lift Saggy Breasts

Now I’ve already told you about antioxidants. They help in keeping your skin firm, supple, and younger-looking. But you know what causes damage to your skin in the first place? Free radicals. They increase the visibility of wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, and the like. And what is the most common source of free radicals? The answer is ultraviolet rays.

UV rays tend to break down your skin’s natural stretchy elastic fibers. More unprotected sun exposure means higher chances of skin damage. And that, in turn, paves the way for your breasts drooping south.

So if you can, avoid tanning. Both tanning in the sun and using tanning beds. And whenever stepping out in the sun, apply sunscreen. Even on your breasts in the case of sunbathing!


Now you know a little bit about how to lift saggy breasts. If I had to pick the top 3 methods for making breasts perky again, here’s the order. The first is exercising your pectoral muscles. The second is incorporating a healthy, well-balanced diet. And the final one is wearing a proper-fitting, supportive bra.

But that doesn’t mean drinking lots of water, avoiding tanning, applying sunscreen, sleeping on your back, quitting smoking, etc. are not important. These too contribute to preventing the formation of saggy breasts. No doubt about that!

Author Bio:

Angela Douglas has a very unique take on breasts and bras. On her blog, What Wear Fit, she talks very descriptively about what styles of bras work best for the most common breast shapes and sizes. Her articles are always centered toward both problems and finding their most effective solutions. And most of this ardent blogger’s work is relatable and personable.


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