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How to Give Yourself a Spring Makeover

The start of a fresh new season is right around the corner and now is the perfect time to give your look a quick refresh. With new styles and trends about to be released, a spring makeover could be exactly what you need to look and feel confident. Here’s a look at some of the ways you can give yourself a spring makeover so you’re ready for the warmer weather.

It’s Time for a Hair Style Freshen Up

One of the most impactful things you can do to change your look is a fresh new hairstyle. Just like with fashion, styles come and go, so if you haven’t changed your look in a while, you’re long overdue. As for what’s hot for spring 2023, a few styles are trending.

Try talking to your stylist about one of these options to gauge if it would work with your hair type and texture:

  • Blunt haircuts, no layers
  • Textured haircuts that have movement
  • Shorter pixies
  • Fringes of any kind
  • Tousled lob haircut
  • Long layers

Dermaplaning Offers a Variety of Benefits for the Face

If you’ve never heard of dermaplaning, it’s time to change that. Dermaplaning involves exfoliating the dead skin cells and the peach fuzz/hair from your face. A sharp exfoliating blade is used for the process and results in smooth skin that allows your skincare products to soak in much more effectively. If you happen to suffer from acne scars, dermaplaning can also help to lessen their look of them. Check out this skin and beauty clinic in Holywood for more information on how it’s done.

Just imagine how much better your skin will look now that your skincare products can penetrate properly. You’ll have a lovely youthful glow just in time for spring.

What’s Trending for Makeup?

Then we have makeup trends, which also tend to coincide with seasons. It’s all about lightweight, ‘barely there’ makeup that still manages to have an impact. Opt for lightweight skin tints and light coverage foundation, cream blush and bronzer, glow-from-within highlights and eye makeup that looks a bit lived-in. Anything too polished looking is out; the goal should be effortless beauty.

Embrace This Spring’s Hot Colours

Each season is known for having “hot” colours, meaning the trendiest colours. This is a really simple way to add interest and colour to your wardrobe, as just little pops and accessories are all that’s needed. What’s great about the trending colours is that many of them can be carried over into your summer wardrobe as well.

Trending colours for spring 2023 include green, hot pink, purple and royal blue.

Check Out the Sheer Fabrics for Spring

And then finally, we’ve got a very trendy fabric that is popping up on all the runways for spring fashion, and that is sheer fabrics. They can be a solid colour or a print, but the key is to be lightweight, feminine and sheer.

So, if you want to look and feel your best this spring, these spring makeover tips will accomplish just that.


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