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How To Create An Awesome Pilot Costume For Halloween

Assembling the perfect pilot costume for Halloween is mostly about finding the required pieces for the costume itself. First, you must determine which type of pilot costume you will be creating. The appearance and style of a pilot has changed over the decades, and some looks may be more exciting than others. For a pilot centered around the industrial era, a bomber jacket, aviator sunglasses, a brown jumpsuit, and a flap helmet with goggles would perfectly embody the look of a pilot in that time period. In contrast, a modern day pilot is more clean cut, wearing a buttoned jacket with a tie.

Pilot Costume For Halloween

Gathering the pieces required for a pilot costume can be relatively cheap and easy if one is searching in the right places. In order to find items suited for an industrial era pilot, a military surplus store should be suitable. Military surplus stores usually sell military equipment and clothing items at a low price because it is excess. Although military surplus stores will not always contain what you need, it is worth checking. Brown and green jumpsuits are commonly sold in military surplus stores, along with other pilot accessories. Checking military surplus stores is a cheap and easy way to put together your pilot costume.

In order to create a more modern pilot costume, a thrift store may be the cheapest option. Since the pieces required for this costume are very expensive when purchased at retail price, garage sales and thrift stores are the perfect place to find these items. When at these designated locations, you should keep an eye out for ties, vintages jackets, and dress shoes. These are all expensive items, however they are marked down because they are donations. Finding these items can also be difficult, as one will have to search through large quantities of clothing.

It is also important that you have the appropriate accessories for your pilot costume. One of the trademark accessories that pilots have are American flag pins. These are small pins which go on the pilot’s jacket or shirt, and can usually be ordered online. A pilot’s hat can be found in two variations depending on the time periods aforementioned. Finding this hat in a store is extremely rare, and will most likely have to be purchased online. In addition, adding a watch and aviator sunglasses to your pilot outfit can help finalize the costume. Gelling your hair to the side also adds an authentic, clean cut look.

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