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How to Choose the Most Suitable Hairstyle for Your Face


How many times we’ve ever fall in love with a cut, decide to try it now and then go to the hairdresser completely dissatisfied with the outcome? Yet, the cut is exactly what we had chosen, how is it possible?

Simply put, despite the cut is perfect, it may simply not fit to your face! The first rule to follow when choosing a hairstyle, is to take due consideration of your facial features: a cut must have the task to exploit them!

To do this, is essential before studying the features of your face carefully: you have to remove the hair from the face even with a belt and then observed carefully in the mirror, paying particular attention to the shape of chin, cheekbones and forehead. Done? So how is your face?

If your face is elongated, as Gwineth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker, you have to look for a cut that has the effect to shorten and widen it at the same time: the perfect bob and the fringe, both indicated for the ability to mitigate the length of the face, as well as hedgehogs. Better instead to avoid hair smooth, especially if the hair is long, because it would exacerbate the structure of the face.

If you have a round face, like Drew Barrymore and Kate Winslet, your efforts will be aimed at trying to stretch it a bit. How? For example, with a long wavy hair, which has the effect of thinning the face, which would otherwise be a little too full.

Things to avoid: your hair too tight, the masses of curls and fringes full: privileged fringe shows and read, and another little rule, be careful not to create volume around the cheeks.

If you have a square face, with a strong jaw and strong features, such as Sandra Bullock and Demi Moore, is an ideal for you ‘disheveled hair, which contrasts with the angular features of the face. Good idea to break the hardness of the treats with a tuft side. To avoid, on the contrary, the middle line and cuts without movement.

If you have an oval face, like Sharon Stone and Julia Roberts are among the lucky ones who can choose with the freedom the type of cut that you like: the oval, in fact, is suitable for any type of cut. But the best choice is to choose a massive cut, avoiding to cover the features, which, in contrast, are highlighted.

Similarly, the hair should reflect your personality if you have a look casual and informal, with a cut because it mortifying orderly and regular? Better to choose, then a hair uncombed, that it is OK without too many tricks. You may get hair care services in your nearest best hair salon for your classy haircut and celebrity hairstyle. If you are in United States, you can get hair care services at best hair salon in Naperville Illinois.



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