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How to Choose Bras for Women Over 50? (5 Tips That Are The Most Useful)

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Bras for Women Over 50
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Feeling lost when bra shopping is quite common even among younger women. So it goes without saying that this problem gets amplified as you grow older. Lingerie has always meant tricky business. So here’s how to choose bras for women over 50!

How to Choose Bras for Women Over 50?

  1. Prioritize the bra fit

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No matter what you do, don’t neglect the fitting aspect. A bra, any bra, is supposed to fit properly. This includes the cups, band, and straps. So here’s everything you need to know about each of them.

  • Band Size

It’s the measurement you take around the rib cage. What the underband does is support the majority of your breast weight.

So when you put on a bra, make sure to check the band fit. Is the underband riding up from the sides or back? If yes, it means you require a smaller-sized band.

The center of the underband is supposed to lie flat. And not lean forward. Cause if it does, opt for one size bigger.

  • Cup Size

What’s your cup size? Is it B or D? Or double letters like DD? In the states, there’s DDD as well. Such incremental measurements are for women whose cup sizes are in between.

Fasten your bra. Then lean ahead for allowing the cups to accommodate your breast tissue. Now check the sides. Are your boobs poking out from the sides? Or are they pinching under the bra seams? If not, the size is perfect.

Breasts spilling out from the sides or top is never a good sign. It means your bosoms demand a larger size. Always keep that in mind.

  • Straps

Wide straps are important when support is important. You don’t want to deal with shoulder indentations now, do you?

The thing about bra straps is that they support 20 percent of your chest weight. So if they’re not wide enough, don’t expect them to be supportive enough.

But how do you determine if the strap size or fit is on point? Place your two fingers below the straps. If you can do that, then you’ve got the proper fit. Otherwise, adjust those straps accordingly. And while doing so, just make sure the underband doesn’t rise up at the back. No unnecessary straining or pulling!

  1. Choose a bra style based on your breast shape

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How to choose a bra style for women over 50? Here’s the answer:

If your breasts are rounded, you’re better off with balconette bras.

If your breasts are slender, pick plunging bras. And for more volume, you can wear the push-up plunging style. As it creates cleavage!

If your breasts are east-west, they’re safe with normal t-shirt bras. These are push-up bras that minimize breast spacing.

If your breasts are asymmetric, you can make the most of bras with gel inserts. Or those that feature removable pads.

If your breasts are bell-shaped, you require full coverage. This helps in taking off the weight from your shoulders and back.

If your breasts are side-set, a modified balconette bra style is the most suitable. You know the kind with a slightly higher fabric to disguise your wider chest!

If your breasts are teardrop-shaped, the appropriate option is plunging bras. Since they lift your boobs to make up for space in the top narrow portion.

  1. Give importance to the bra closure

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  • Front Closure

Why should you buy a bra with a front-closing mechanism? It’s because the front closure makes it easier to hook the bra. And this is very helpful if you have mobility issues in your shoulders or arms.

You know how difficult and tricky it is to remove and wear a bra with back hooks, don’t you?

  • Back Closure

The rear-closing mechanism has something that the front version doesn’t. A row of hooks!

So when your bra’s elastic stretches, which it will over time, you’re free to tighten the hooks. With that in mind, make sure there are at least 3 hooks at the back. Particularly if you’re a full-figured woman!

  • Pull-Over Bras

The pull-over style is often found in compression bras. These are designed for women with a small chest. So keep away from the pull-over version if you’re on the fuller size. Otherwise, you’ll be leaving out comfort.

  1. Look into Velcro bras if you have arthritis

There’s absolutely no harm in buying Velcro bras. More often than not, these types of bras are created for women with arthritis issues. Cause a trembling hand and hook closure is not the best pair.

Options like the Underworks Arthritis Bra are proof that you don’t have to settle for a Velcro bra.

  1. Make sure the bra hoists your breasts high

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This might just be the most important and useful tip for you. Knowing it, you’ll understand how to choose bras for women over 50.

When you get the best bra for large breasts lift and support, expect your girls to remain up and perky. The bust starts to look a little more youthful and livelier. Plus, if you’re big, you end up looking a few pounds lighter too.

Ideally, your one breast should sit in between the elbow and shoulder. This is it what makes the boobs appear to be perky.

The Wrap-Up

Now you know how to choose bras for women over 50.

To sum it up, fit, bra style, and bra closure are crucial aspects. There are many options currently available that are specifically designed to lift and support. So feel free to go bra shopping now without getting confused. It is your territory, after all.

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