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How and When Should Men Wear A Tie?

Men Wear A Tie

Traditionally a tie was worn for dressing nice, looking like you came from the top of the ladder and adding that final touch for formal events. However with recent times, trends are changing, and ties can be worn casually and formally. Let’s look at a few common situations and see when or when not to wear that tie.

At the office

Whilst many companies have enforced the mandatory tie must be worn which is a rule less often these days, I would advocate wearing the tie as much as possible even if it’s a relaxed atmosphere. Not only does it look great, it helps adds some often needed color to some workplaces and you will feel empowered and confident.

Some companies are now having casual Friday’s whilst the other weekdays are mandatory tie days. You can get away without a tie only on this day otherwise tie up (note: check if your company has this rule before not wearing a tie).

At formal events

There are circumstances where you will definitely have to put on a tie and these are one of them. Whilst no disrespect was intended when you look stylish with the top button open without a tie in sight, it might not be received well this way.

You can get away without a tie if it’s more casual and laid back setting  or specified by the organizers such as a beach wedding where the groom says its A-OK! You can also start loosening your tie at the wedding reception only when appropriate. Just have a look around and see what other people are doing.

At formal dinner events, you can get away without a tie only if all your clothes are put together nicely otherwise keep that tie up. Always bring your tie along just in case you are not too sure. You don’t want to turn up and be the only person without a tie no matter how good you look!

Going out

Whether you’re going out to a bar or just having a nice dinner date with your partner, a tie can really lift your style up and really wow your partner. How many people do you see wear a tie after office hours?

If you like wearing the tie out, then wear it! Just make sure you complete the ensemble with the tie otherwise you’ll come out looking unfinished. If all else fails and the tie does seem out of place at the pub, you can say you are attending an opera or theater afterward.

As you can see, a tie is one of man’s favorite item in men’s accessories and should be worn as often when possible. As long as you project confidence, no one can make fun of you.


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