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Harry Potter Couture Fashion Casts a Spell on the Net

In the world of couture fashion, inspiration can come from the most unexpected places but after this next story you’d be sure that anything is capable of setting off a designer’s mind. Although in some ways it makes sense because schoolyard fashion is something that pops up at couture weeks from time to time, but how about Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? That’s right, the latest viral sensation on couture fashion blogs is that of Harry Potter inspired dresses popping up on the internet. Kick-Ass starlet Chloe Moretz even took to her Twitter account to express delight at the designs.

The Business of Inspired Couture Fashion

The business of designers creating couture fashion based around a popular intellectual property is pretty sharp because with good designs you’ll not only win the affections of fans of the IP but also of those genuinely impressed by the designs. That’s a built in market that you would not have with original designs, but it does raise some tricky copyright laws. For example, if one were to post couture fashion designs on their Tumblr inspired by a popular film or movie, would the owner of said movie or film have rights to those designs? However traversing those obstacles, this could become an interesting offshoot of business for fashion houses. Couture is an area that could also use a bit of a contemporary kick into the twenty first century in some respects.

Harry Potter Fashion

Harry Potter Couture Fashion

So it is in 2012 that Harry Potter couture fashion hits the internet with vigour through the imagination of DeviantArt user Cavalyn who created four amazing dresses each depicting one of the four houses of Hogwarts. The Gryffindor house sports earthy tones with a furry mane that is feminine and sultry, Ravenclaw house tends toward colder colours yet a sleeker design making for a gorgeous evening dress, Slytherin house naturally creates a snakeskin focussed dress that puts importance on accentuation of the model’s figure and finally Hufflepuff creates a more modest look yet one that can be worn during any occasion with confidence. Each of the four houses does already come with their own flavours within the plot of Harry Potter so it made sense to translate this into couture fashion.

A Magical Future

As far as designers go, Cavalyn’s career has yet to begin and she is already the buzz of the internet. A recent graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, the designs were her way of unwinding on a project she knew would bring her enjoyment. It’s clear from her natural, organic take on couture fashion that this young designer in on to a great and magical future.

Eugene Calvini is a writer who provides commentary on both men’s and womens clothing with an appreciation for elegant designs.


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