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Handbag Lover – Your Online Shopping Guide

My biggest weakness in life is handbags; I have bought and owned so many over the years I could not even give you a figre. I just love them; I have a bag for everything. Bags for work, bags for socialising, for the weekends, evening bags and of course these all come in different season collections! Over the years I have gained a real knowledge of how to shop for the right bag, where to get them from, how much to spend and which shops offer the best quality. Over the last couple of years I have mostly shopped online not only for bags but most of my clothes. This not only has saved me time but money also and I have become quiet the expert! Here are my top tips…

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Look In The Magazines

The reason I started shopping online for my bags was that I spotted a bag in a magazine that I loved and when I looked where to purchase it from it states only available online and gave the websites address. This is the reason why many of the bags out there on the net are so fantastic because they are unique to online shoppers. If you want to stay ahead of the pack this is great because you can do just that. Lots of the magazines will show the ‘it’ style bags and by the time you have travelled to the shops after work or on the weekend they are gone, but if you can just log online quickly you have much more of a chance of getting your hands on one.


One thing I dislike about going to the shops is the sales, don’t get me wrong I love the discounted prices it just the filtering through all the rubbish to find one descent purchase. I also end up buying, like many of you much more than I need to and end up not saving anymore money! With shopping online you still get all the sale prices and it is much easier to look for what you’re interested in. You can filter your searches to products, styles and even colour and price.

Quick and Easy

I believe one of the main reasons that people are put off internet shopping is because they feel that the process can sometimes be long winded. I would totally disagree with this, I think it’s quick and easy and saves much more time than looking round the shops. You can even ‘click and collect’ now with most of the stores. You have a look online order what you want and then collect it from the store, so there is no need to wait in all day for your delivery to arrive.  Again this is the same for when you want to return goods, you can ever request there picked up or you can post them back yourself and like collecting from the store directly you can return them too.

 Second Hand

If you’re a designer bag lover and you don’t have the budget to purchase them, then the internet will be your new best friend. There are sites that auction second hand designer bags at a fraction of the original price. The sites and the sellers are checked, so you can rest easy knowing that it is not a con and you will receive a genuine piece. There are also sites that allow you to rent designer bags, you pay a deposit and you can rent these you a certain time period, which I think is an amazing idea! One of main trends for the last couple of seasons has been personalised bags; there are many sites on the internet that sell these. There are great way to get creative and they also make fanatic presents.

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