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With London Fashion Week still fresh in the memory of the industry, trends in handbags are renewed and reworked for the new season. Here are some hints and pointers as to what is hot on the handbag front for A/W ‘12.

Messenger Bags are still with us, the fabulous squared shape is proving an ongoing winner with designers and models alike. What has changed is the size; they have shrunk to tiny bags, conveniently slung over a shoulder or across the body, compact, but big enough for the necessities; perfect for a busy, active lady who doesn’t to carry much. They are generally made from leather or faux-leather and appear in a variety of bold shades. The style to team a micro-messenger bag with is casually elegant, for example a pair of soft but beautifully fitting jeans and a comfortable chunky cable-textured jumper.



Clutch purses are regaining strength, and diverging slightly. Evening clutches remain small, but are highly decorated. Flower clutches are popular; the detail so very frilled and detailed that it will appear that the holder is clutching a bouquet, rather than a purse! Available in a huge range of satin, silky shades it’s simple to match the clutch purse to a glamorous outfit for perfect elegance on an important night out.

Clutch purses


Daytime clutches are appearing, larger than ever – big enough for the necessities of a modern woman’s life; diary, smart phone, keys, wallet etc. They have a name to distinguish them from evening clutches, namely, document clutches. Made from leather, faux leather or suede they are smart and practical, a perfect complement to office wear.

Also making their debut are business-like heavy leather bags, suitable to carry everything needed for a long busy day, whether at the office, taxi-ing the children from school to activity to social event or away from home for the day, visiting or sightseeing. The somewhat dark, practical appearance is enlivened by rhinestones, one single large stone on the flap or a neat row of small gems tracking the seam edgings. Perfect with almost every daytime outfit, from formal office wear to comfortable casual clothing the rhinestones add a much-needed touch of femininity to these sturdy bags.

Other new features that have started to appear on the catwalks include unusually shaped bags; such as cylinders both large and small, and extra-long faux fur in both natural and lurid shades. Animal prints, always popular, continue to be a favourite, allowing women to hint at their wild-side while remaining firmly fashionable, while patchwork is bold; featuring contrasting colours that display a strong sense of individuality.

One final fresh feature are tiny ‘wristlet’ bags; apparently frivolous twists of fabric in pretty and textured materials, featuring distinctive handles, more bracelet than handbag, but concealing sufficient space to tuck away those small items without which you cannot leave home.

It is easy for everyone to find a fashionable handbag this season given the gorgeous variety of models and shapes available and the wide range of materials that they are made from. Get shopping and make sure you have a selection to suit all occasions and outfits!

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