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The world of fashion is ever changing. With peaked shoulders and underwear as outerwear a thing of the past, oriental motifs, western influences and military trends are replacing the delicate, feminine designs of last year and dominating the runway for Autumn/Winter 2012/2013. With trends inspired by; chic baroque, the gothic era, romantic florals and comfy knits, the 2012/2013 collection offers something for everyone.

Trends for Autumn/ Winter 2012/2013

Fashion Trend # 1: Leisure Suits

Leisure suits are one of the biggest trends for Autumn/Winter 2012/2013. With bright, bold prints designed to grab attention, some of the top designers are producing highly decorative leisure suits and pairing them with monotone accessories for a well balanced outfit. Alternatively, other designers have chosen to combine different prints, creating a visual clash of styles for a more high fashion look.

leisure suits for women

Fashion Trend # 2: Oriental Fashion

With high quality fabrics, luxurious silks and an eye for detail, oriental fashion is a timeless trend in fashion. Using bright and unusual colours with vibrant prints and precision tailoring, the oriental style is known for being sexy and seductive without showing too much skin.

Oriental Fashion

Fashion Trend # 3: Military Style

The military style seems to be a trend what never goes out of fashion. Nearly every designer has created a clothing line for Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 focused around the military style. Talking the simplicity of style directly from military uniforms, designers are recreating these styles with softer, more fashionable fabrics to create a comfortable yet effortlessly beautiful line of clothing.

Military Style

Fashion Trend # 4: Gothic Statement

The gothic style combines black leather and charcoal velvet with long, exaggerated silhouettes, body extensions, exquisite tailoring and cross detailing. With gothic fashion seeming to be a recurring trend, top designers such as Versace have begun to develop clothing lines dedicated to the style.

Fashion Trend # 5: Leather Fashion

With leather constantly in fashion, it seems to become more popular with colder weather. For Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 designers have produced a range of leather coats and skirts – making every day articles of clothing both sexy and stylish. With leather garments, it is popular to for an all leather look – combining different colours and styles of leather to create a chic, leather look.

Fashion Trend # 6: Colourful Fur

In a similar way to leather, fur is a recurring fashion trend that gains popularity during autumn and winter. Fur coats, hats jackets and bags are some of the most popular fur items and are usually designed in a range of colours and styles.

With further trends hitting the runway for Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 including; oversized fashion, intricate designs, slim-fit fashion, peplums, stylish knits, fun florals, velvet fashion, art inspired trends, gloves and hats, there is something to suit everyone in the Autumn/Winter collections. Similarly, with adaptations of top designer clothing hitting high street stores, shoppers can find cheap dresses, coats and winter outfits to fit their budget.

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