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From Peckham to Beckham – Get a Celebrity Luxury Bathroom on a Budget!

These days we seem to be squeezing more and more out of our living spaces.  However, the bathroom at least has remained a private space.  With so much to choose from online these days, you can transform your bathroom on a budget and create a luxury space that is readymade for pampering.

Celebrity Lifestyles

You don’t have to be rich to enjoy the little luxuries in life.  With a bit of creative thinking and some basic DIY skills, you can add a 5 star feel to your home.  The Internet is a great place to find some amazing bargains on all kinds of bathroom supplies and accessories as it has a whole range of luxurious bathroom must-haves at very reasonable prices.  This means that you could get a celebrity luxury bathroom for your home even on a modest budget!

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Creating Peaceful Retreats

My household is a very busy and hectic one and it feels like the only time you can get a moment to yourself is in the bathroom.  Everyone still respects this as a private space and I can shut myself away and enjoy a bubble bath without any interruptions.  This is the only time I really get some peace and quiet to read a book or just relax and let my mind rest.  The rest of the day is taken up with work and family commitments.  The bathroom is a retreat and one that has helped to keep me sane over the years!

Recently though I had noticed the bathroom was starting to look a little dated.  The pale pink colored bathroom suite may have looked fantastic 20 years ago but now was very much out of fashion. The old vinyl flooring was tired and out-dated as well and there was just a general feeling of wear and tear to the room

I love reading home design magazines and had the perfect luxury bathroom in mind.  I wanted a pure white bathroom suite and a fresher luxury spa feels.  In the past, I hadn’t seriously considered remodeling the bathroom as I thought it would cost too much.  However, with the Internet lots of wonderful consumer goods have become cheaper and more accessible.  Bathroom supplies and accessories are no exception and you can now find some fantastic deals.  I started to look around and was pleasantly surprised by the bathroom goods on offer.  With a little bit of creative thinking and some elbow grease, I realized my ideal luxury bathroom was in reach!

Celebrity Luxury on a Budget

Of course, I would never be able to afford a designer 5-star bathroom like the Beckhams.  However, it is possible to get the luxury look without spending a fortune.  Bathroom manufacturers are well aware of the average consumer’s desire to emulate wealthy lifestyles.  This means that there are lots of affordable consumer goods on the market that can offer the luxury look but at modest prices.  All you have to do is look around and find top providers who can offer you quality goods at budget prices.

It is amazing just how hard you can make money work if you know what you are doing.  I created my ideal luxury spa bathroom on a budget thanks to the wide selection online.  Here are just a few tips if you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom on a budget:

1. Luxury Focal Point – consider choosing one truly luxurious focal point to your room. This could be a gorgeous white bathroom suite or a beautiful marble or porcelain tile floor.  Create this as your focal point and then finish the room with cheaper (but complementary) materials.  This creates the illusion that you have spent a lot on the room as a whole.

2. Entertainment System – a truly luxurious bathroom would not be without some kind of entertainment system.  You can buy some good integrated sound and visual systems these days that don’t cost the earth.  Make sure these are suited for bathroom spaces and fitted by a qualified electrician.

3. Mirrors – if you cannot afford to splash out on an expensive wall mirror then consider mirrored tiles. These are cheap and easy to fit and create a wonderful sense of light and space to bathrooms.  Alternatively, you can check this collection of affordable wall-mounted mirrors.

4. Quality Towels – the one luxury touch I wouldn’t be without is soft, quality towels.  These really do make all the difference to the feel and finish of the bathroom so it is worth splashing out.

5. Large Showerhead – I couldn’t afford one of those fancy rainfall showers but I did find some great larger showerheads at cheaper prices.  These offer a similar look and feel to rainfall showers but without the fancy price tag.

With a little bit of creative thinking, you could get a celebrity luxury bathroom on a budget. can offer some fantastic quality bathroom supplies and accessories at prices you can afford.


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