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Five Underwear Pieces you can wear as Outerwear

Some underwear pieces are so pretty it seems a shame to hide them under your clothes – and if you have treated yourself to something nice it’s good to show it off! This article looks at some ways to show your underwear off in a good way.

The Corset

The corset is probably the best-known piece of underwear as outerwear, and most manufacturers make them to be seen these days. They can be bought in many sizes from a simple waist cincher to a full overbust style. Corset fabrics range from plain satin to brocade and intricately embroidered silk, and they can be worn with any outfit from plain trousers and heels to a formal evening gown.

corset dress

Long-line bras

The long-line bra bridges the gap between bra and bustier. They often come in pretty, delicate fabrics such as the floral print Irene bra from and don’t show as much skin as a normal bra! A long-line bra could be worn with shorts while in the park during summer, or covered up with a light cardigan if you want to go out somewhere for the day.

longline bras


Bodysuits often come in the same kind of fabrics as the long-line bra, but have tha advantage of being all-in-one underwear. In the same way as the long-line bra, a bodysuit with a pretty floral pattern such as the Devoted one from can be dressed down with shorts and a cardigan for a day in the countryside or with a sheer thigh-length tunic over the top. Some bodysuits are more suited to evening wear, such as the Tutti-Frutti one from the same website – dress these up with a skirt and statement jewellery for a look that’s dressed to kill!



Swimsuits are a little more versatile for daytime wear than bodysuits, especially on holiday as you’ll probably want to live in the pool or sea. Fox and Rose’s Savannah swimsuit is a flattering strapless style in a cute floral pattern, and would probably go best with a sarong and flip-flops for lazy sunny days. Bikini tops are also great for wearing with sarongs, or as support under a maxi dress instead of a bra.

victoria secret Swimsuits


If you’re feeling really daring, or you simply have a bra that’s too good to hide, team it with with a sharp suit, sky-high heels…and no blouse, just your bra under the jacket!

Bras in stores

Have fun wearing your underwear as outerwear – it really widens your wardrobe!

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