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Five Current Wedding Trends

Let’s be honest: when it comes to wedding planning, couples tend to be a little bit competitive with one another. Fortunately, you don’t always have to top someone else. These wedding trends are ideas that plenty of people use, and your wedding can be enhanced by them too.

Candy Bar

Favours are truly a favourite of many wedding guests, and it’s always best to supply something. Instead of giving out a little trinket that people will toss away when they return home, many couples are opting to have a candy bar. Fill a number of plastic containers up with lots of little candies, provide guests with bags and they can take whatever they please.

candy bar wedding

Photo Booths

All weddings have at least a little bit of down time as the guests need to eat their meals. For those who finish first or who are not exactly big fans of dancing, a photobooth is the perfect method of entertainment. Funny props are quite popular as is an entire table trying to squeeze in at once. Most of these machines print two copies, so both the guest and the couple have one to keep.

photo booths for weddings

Traditional Ceremonies with Unique Flair

Many couples are still choosing to have traditional religious wedding ceremonies like their parents and grandparents did, but they are adding in their own personal touches. For example, some couples will write their own vows to one another, and others will have a memorial candle instead of a unity candle at the church. Furthermore, some couples will include a unique ritual, such as the washing of the feet, into their wedding ceremony.

Traditional Ceremonies with Unique Flair

A Photojournalistic Style

Another trend that is becoming popular in the world of wedding photography is to choose a photojournalistic style. Instead of having lots of posed pictures, the couple prefers the photographer to catch those special moments just as they naturally occurred. For couples who are a bit shy about doing this, the photographer could work to pose them in a way that seems as though they weren’t. However, it’s really important to have at least a few traditional photos in the batch. If no rules are governing the photography, you might miss out on getting an important picture that you had your heart set on.

photojournalistic style wedding photography

Outdoor Celebrations

More and more couples are starting to have their wedding celebrations, whether it be just the reception or the reception and the ceremony, outdoors. Beaches, farms and backyards are all serving as the backdrop to these affairs. Keep a couple of important notes in mind. Always have access to indoor bathrooms available for the guests, ad be sure to have a backup plan in case the weather does not work in your favour that day.

Outdoor Celebrations

Wedding trends come and go as the years move forward. Right now though, incorporating these elements into your wedding celebration will show that you are a bride and groom of the current times.

Will is a Wedding Planner who has organised weddings at some of the best wedding reception venues Sydney has to offer. Will is always looking for new ideas to incorporate into his client’s weddings, and loves to stay on top of the current wedding trends and fashion.


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