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The First Suitcase Designed to Meet the Needs of the Modern Traveler

Suitcase Designed

The luggage industry has not changed much over the last decade. There was the sudden rise of the smart luggage, most notably Blue smart luggage, but that was a short-lived fad. The “smart luggage” category offered advanced features including a Bluetooth sensor, integrated power banks, a weight measurement system but was severely limited due to TSA safety guidelines resulting in overpriced luggage with gimmicky features that you could not travel with. Many people lost their money in pre-orders, and even to this day, many smart luggage impersonators promise to deliver the technology but ultimately fail.

This is where Vanguard Goods come in. A company that does not indulge in fancy gimmicks and false advertising, but instead focusing on the product. The engineering and attention to detail demonstrated in their lineup of products which include The Vault, The Vault Plus, and The Winston duffel bag. Each of their products is catered to the needs of the customer and is designed to facilitate your travel.

The Vault

Suitcase Designed

The design of the Vault (below) suitcase was inspired by The Golden Age of Travel using a reinforced aluminum frame making it the one of the unique and most durable luggage on the market.

  • Scratch resistant polycarbonate shell reinforced with an aluminum frame
  • A weight measurement system in the handle
  • Smooth rolling replaceable wheel
  • TSA approved combination Lock
  • Includes set of three compression packing cubes
  • Includes Leather Luggage tag with embossed initials
  • Compression strap
  • USB power outlet

The Vault Plus

The Vault Plus  is the suitcase redesigned with features to solve common issues experienced by the modern traveler. The suitcase dimensions and unique quick weight system in the handle is an industry first to ensure your suitcase meets international travel requirements. The quick access design to your laptop, toiletries, and secure passport pocket allow you to pass through TSA security quickly and effectively.

  • Scratch resistant polycarbonate shell
  • Weight measurement Handle
  • Includes Leather Luggage tag with embossed initials
  • Includes set of three compression packing cubes
  • In house design replaceable wheels
  • TSA screening assist access
  • Dedicated laptop, toiletries and snack pouches.
  • RFID blocking pouch for secure storage of passport and cards
  • Garment hanging loop
  • USB power outlet
  • Optional quick charge powerbank

The Winston Duffel Bag

  • Recycled polyester and cotton-blend in the fabric duffel
  • Leather duffel is made from premium leather.
  • Sized to meet personal item category for airline travel
  • Metal links to ensure durability
  • Dedicated Laptop pouch
  • RFID blocking pouch
  • YKK water resistant zipper
  • Dedicated shoe pouch
  • Includes Leather Luggage tag with embossed initials
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Each product is made from the highest-grade materials that are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly.  All the products come with a lifetime warranty and repair guarantee for the products so you can travel in a peaceful state of mind. If you order now through their pre-launch campaign, you will receive a personalized leather luggage tag and a set of compression packing cubes.

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