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Fashion Trends for the Grooms

Fashion Trends for the GroomsSo, the big day of the wedding is slowly but surely coming your way. You and your spouse-to-be have everything figured out, besides what the groom’s look will be. Long gone are the days when only the bride was picky and pretentious when it came to wedding attire. Men are getting more and more specific about how they want to look on their big day. The “whatever” attitude is left in the past. Men want to look sharp and match their gorgeous ladies. However, some gentlemen find it difficult to choose the proper outfit and accessories. Tuxedo or a suit? Necktie or a bow-tie? Many questions with difficult answers. However, here are a couple of advices on how and what to choose to achieve a top-notch groom look.

Prior to going out on a shopping spree, do some research. Turn on the TV and watch some fashion channels, get yourself a couple of magazines on the subject, so that you get a fair idea of what you like and want. And once you have that image in your head, you can simply go to your tailor, share with him/her your ideas and together you will create the perfect suit. However, if you feel lost, some advice is never a bad idea.
What you need to remember is that the bride is supposed to be in the spotlight, not you. Formal attire is a must, but don’t overdo it, so that your lady will stand out, not you.
One’s for sure, everybody looks better in a tuxedo.
A daytime ceremony in the style of traditional formal requires stripped trousers, a dark-grey cutaway, ascot and a vest.
The semi-formal daytime option calls for a black or grey stroller coat with a regular length, stripped trousers, a vest and a necktie. A dark tuxedo is an alternative.
An evening ceremony in an ultra-formal style requires a tailcoat, black in color, with a white tie and white accessories.
If the ceremony is a semi-formal evening one, you will need a dark dinner jacket or tuxedo with formal black trousers. The accessories could be either a cummerbund and a tie or a tie and a vest. The color, of course, has to be corresponding to the bride’s dress and accessories.
The tuxedo always needs formal shoes. The color of the socks should match the color of the shoes and the tuxedo. If the tuxedo is dark in color, both shoes and socks must be dark. Provided that the tuxedo is ivory or white in color, your socks and shoes should be the same color. If the shoes require laces, make sure they are strung horizontally.
The large variety of neck-wear, vests and cummerbunds are appropriate. Just don’t forget that the cummerbund’s pleats are to face up. If you plan of wearing a vest and will be eventually taking of your jacket, make sure the vest is fully black. Cummerbunds require suspenders, but they should never be worn with a vest. Studs and cuff links must match. If you decide to wear a boutonnière, it has to be on the left lapel and slightly tilted outward.

In order to make sure everything will fit just fine, leave enough time to your tailor to do it all right. Take proper measurements so that in the end everything will fit perfectly. The jacket length is to be estimated like this: measure the length from the back of your neck to the floor. The proper jacket length is half that distance. The hem of the jacket is to graze your thumb when your palms are at your sides. An inch of the shirt has to show past your sleeve.

The neckband of the shirt has to allow enough space in order for your index and middle finger to slip in when it is buttoned. The wrist must be covered by the cuff. The waistline of the trousers must not be too loose or too tight. The fabric has to skim, rather than hug the hips. The pant leg has to slightly break at the shoe’s top.
Don’t forget – this is your big day, so start preparing early on so that you don’t disappoint your bride or yourself.

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